Mission Statement

Our Mission

The Mission of the Department of Residence Life is to integrate living and learning, while supporting the educational goals of our students and the University. We are also committed to promoting a sense of PRIDE among the residence life staff and residents by:

  • Providing safe, attractive, well-maintained living facilities that are responsive to the needs of the students
  • Recognizing and respecting individual rights and differences and the value of diversity in the residential community
  • Implementing policies and procedures that encourage residents to make responsible choices
  • Developing an investment in the retention and personal success of each residential student both socially and academically
  • Empowering residents to shape their community and gain leadership experience by providing quality programs and services and continuing to improve these offerings by conducting on-going evaluations and assessments

Residence Life supports the mission statement of the University and uses it to intentionally guide the mission of the Department.

Our Vision

Residence Life is an ever growing and ever changing living and learning environment. The Department of Residence Life, strives to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to: 

CREATE everlasting memories…
            ENJOY the many provided opportunities for personal growth and development… 
                        LIVE and learn in an environment that is welcoming, safe and secure…

And, to have the ultimate residential life EXPERIENCE that will be cherished and remembered for a lifetime!