Meal Plan Options

10, 15, and unlimited meals per week plans include unlimited seconds in the dining hall and Flex Cash that may be spent in the Canes Den snack bar, Java City coffee shop, or in our on-campus convenience store.

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 Semester Rates

Meal Plans Available to All Students
(Residents that have not earned 60 credit hours are required to have one of the options below.)

10 Meals per week + $400 flex dollars ($1605)

15 Meals per week + $350 flex dollars ($1697)

Unlimited Meals per week + $250 flex dollars ($1760)

Meal Plans Available to Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students Only
(Residents that have earned 60 credit hours are required to choose one of the options listed above or one of the following plans.)

Block Plans (Optional)

25 Meals + $200 flex dollars ($390)

40 Meals + $200 flex dollars ($485)

Dining Dollar Only Plan

$400 flex dollars ($400)


Meal Plan Information

All residential students are required to have some form of meal plan.    

If you wish to appeal the meal plan requirement, please fill out the Appeal of Meal Plan Obligation form.

If you would like to request a change of the meal plan you have already signed up for (only prior to drop / add deadline), please fill out a Meal Change Request form.

If you are a non – residential student and would like to add a meal plan, fill out the
Meal Plan Application for Non - Residents form.



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