If I damage something how will I be charged? Depending on the severity of the damages, money from your housing deposit will be removed or a hold will be placed on your account. 

How do I change rooms or transfer halls? If space permits and depending on the legitimacy of the reason for relocating, a room change request form must be filled and given to your hall director.

What do I need to bring on move in day? Check the Residence Life home page, there is a link with items that you may bring to make your stay more enjoyable.

What is the decoration policy? You may decorate, but decorate at your discretion. NO HOLES OR PAINT ON WALLS. If walls are severely damaged you will be CHARGED!!

Where can I eat on campus? GSW has two locations of campus where food can be obtained. The Canes Den, which is located in the Student Success Center and the Dining Hall, which is located in the Marshall Student Center. Dining Services

How do I get a parking permit? After your student tuition has been paid for, you will be able to pick your parking permit from campus safety.

What If I need special accommodations? At GSW we have rooms that are designed for those that may need special accommodations. Our department takes consideration for all residents to make their stay more comfortable.

What is the alcohol policy? GSW is not a dry campus, therefore; alcohol is allowed for those of the legal age. Drinking rules are strictly enforced!

Where can I smoke? There is a designated area outside residence halls for smoking. There is no smoking allowed in the building.

Are pets allowed? Only fish in a ten gallon or less tank are allowed as pets on campus

Is there public transportation? GSW provides students with the GSW Shuttle that leave campus several times a day to take students to predestined locations.