MikeTracy.JPG Director Mike Tracy served as assistant director of GSW Public Safety from 1994 to 2012, prior to his retirement. He is a P.O.S.T. certified instructor and handles much of the department training and annual firearms qualifications. He also instructs with outside law enforcement agencies. Tracy has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and a master's degree in Public Administration from Columbus State University.

Campus Patrol

The patrol division is made up of certified law enforcement officers. All Campus Safety patrol officers have powers of arrest on GSW campus and authority up to 500 feet outside campus boundaries. Officers have completed Georgia Basic Peace Officer training and attend a minimum of 20 hours additional training annually.

Duties of a patrol officer include everything that might be expected of a city police officer including traffic control, working vehicle accidents, taking reports of crimes as they occur, and general safety of the campus community and property.

Telephone: (229) 931-2245
Fax: (229) 931-2711
Emergency Number: (229) 931-2245

The patrol division is made up of the following officers:

Danny Josey

Public Safety Officer Danny B. Josey is a 21-year veteran of the Army National Guard. He was employed by the Americus Police Department for four years prior to his employment at GSW.

Eddie Wright

Ofc. Eddie Wright

Deon Williams

Ofc. Deon Williams

Henry Walters

Ofc. Henry Walters

Donna Tissue

Ofc. Donna Tissue

Michael Lewis

Ofc. Michael Lewis

Elizabeth Karter

Ofc. Elizabeth Karter

Sammy Stone

Ofc. Sammy Stone


Ofc. Corey Brown

Reserve Officer Sgt. Jimmy English

Support Staff

LaToya RossAdministrative Assistant Latoya S. Ross manages the office and everything necessary to keep the department functioning efficiently. In addition to normal office duties, she also acts as radio dispatcher for the day shift officers on weekdays.
 Student Assistants - The department supports the campus work study program by hiring students for office help and telephone/radio operators on nights and weekends.
Public Safety Team