Crime Reporting Procedures

The Georgia Southwestern State University Department of Public Safety works closely with it's local sister agencies (Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia State Patrol, Sumter Country Sheriff's Department, Americus Police Department, the Sumter Country Court System) as well as other State College/University law enforcement agencies.

Should an assault or sexual assault take place, it should be reported to Public Safety immediately.

If an assault occurs, please do not disturb the scene by clearing or removing the evidence which could be used to pursue the case. Notify Public Safety as soon as possible. Counseling will be arranged by the Public Safety Department in conjunction with the Office Life. Also any changes in your living situation or academic situation will be made accordingly.

When reporting crimes or suspicious activities to Public Safety, be sure to give the following information :

  1. The nature of the incident
  2. Persons involved in the incident.
  3. Your name and address for their records.
  4. Any noticeable injury
  5. Any information you feel is necessary or important.

All crimes that occur on the campus or information pertinent to the safety of the campus community will be reported through news releases and the student newspaper.