Parking Policies and Vehicle Registration

Campus Parking

Parking decals are required for all visitors, students, faculty and staff. Decals can be obtained from the campus safety office during regular office hours. The cost for a decal is $18. Decals are valid through the end of the academic year. Temporary parking permits may be obtained for visitors at no charge.

Parking stickers must be displayed in the lower left corner of the vehicle's rear window, or on the bumper. Vehicles with improperly displayed stickers may be ticketed.

Parking is organized by zones as follows:

  • "B" zone is for resident students
  • "X" zone is for commuter students
  • "Staff" zone is for faculty, staff and other GSW employees

Visitors may park in "X" or "B" zone, or in designated visitor parking areas.

Parking zones are enforced only on school days and only between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm with the exception of no parking zones (yellow curbs), handicapped parking zones, and parking in the area of the Health Center.

See Parking Policies

Student Parking Manual

Faculty/Staff Parking Manual

Print Vehicle Registration Form

Parking Fines

  • 25.00 per offense/citation
  • There will be a 50.00 processing fee for a vehicle boot removal
  • A vehicle is typically booted for three(3) or more citations , multiple violations,
  • or if the vehicle in question is an unregistered vehicle.

Beginning Fall semester 2001, all fines are collected through the Accounting Services office in the Administration Building.