Transfer Admissions Guarantee

GSW's commitment:

Georgia Southwestern State University is committed to becoming the four-year university in the state that is known for meeting the needs of transfer students. Toward that end, GSW has taken a major step. Southwestern has signed eight Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) agreements with colleges in Georgia that offer associate's degrees.

What is a TAG agreement?

A TAG agreement allows students attending a TAG school who maintain a certain grade point average (2.0 in most cases) and earn an associate's degree or who complete 60 transferable credits (30 of which must be earned at a TAG school) to be automatically admitted to Georgia Southwestern. The outcome: a seamless transfer.

Partnering GSW TAG schools:

If you attend any one of the following schools and you are interested in coming to Southwestern following graduation, click on any of the links below. A designated TAG coordinator is on staff at each one of these schools.

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Atlanta Metropolitan College 

Bainbridge State College

Gainesville State College

Georgia Perimeter College

Gordon State College

South Georgia State College