Graduate Transient Students

Applying as a graduate transient student and registering for classes are easy at Southwestern. Below are the steps to take to apply and register for classes. Transient students should check the class schedule for the class(es) they are needing before applying. We suggest you Check Your Status online as you work through this process.

To Apply:

□       Submit your application with the $25 non-refundable application fee

□       Request an official Letter of Transient Permission to be mailed to us from your current institution.

Once Accepted:

□       Transient Registration dates are as follows:

Fall Semester - July 15th
Spring Semester - December 1st
Summer Semester - May 15th
*If the advertised date falls on a weekend, transient registration will begin the following Monday.

□       Beginning on the advertised dates, admitted students will be able to register for classes. You will need the course name and CRN number which can be found by referring to our class schedule. Detailed registration information will be mailed to admitted students prior to their registration date. You must be accepted to Georgia Southwestern before you can register for classes. Please note that admission to Southwestern does not guarantee registration for specific classes. New and continuing Southwestern students have priority registration. If you have questions about your acceptance you may Check Your Status online or contact the Admissions office at 800-338-0082.

□      Contact your home institution to find out about your financial aid options.

□       If you intend to live on our campus, submit your Application for Student Housing with the $50 application fee and the $250 damage deposit. They are mailed to you starting in January or can be printed by clicking here.

□       Submit your immunization form to the GSW Health Center. If you will only be taking online classes then no shots are needed, but the form must still be submitted. There is a  place to indicate online classes only.

□       Submit Proof of Lawful Presence if you plan to receive in-state tuition.

□       Start classes at Southwestern!

Remember to check your status online to see when the above information is completed. If you have any questions about Southwestern or need help with any of the above information, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions. We look forward to helping you See Yourself @ Southwestern.