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Master of Arts in English

Distinctive modes of communication develop constantly. Our program anticipates the need for students to learn and use multiple literacies in these new modes in order to successfully communicate effectively in what has become a multi-genre world. In this program, we invite students from all disciplines to engage in rigorous critique of today’s ever-evolving rhetorical modes.

This program, founded on the ancient traditions of rhetorical and critical inquiry, will seek to apply these traditions not only in existing oral, visual, and written contexts and modes, but also in the emerging digital contexts and modes. In addition, the interdisciplinary program will explore how emerging modes and contexts alter existing rhetorical and critical traditions, thereby building students’ foundations in the liberal arts and sciences.

The bulk of our face-to-face classes are offered during the summer with evening hybrid/online, and Saturday courses throughout fall and spring semesters, thus allowing our students to work and attend classes toward their degree.

Admission Requirements

Successful applicants typically present a BA in English or its equivalent; a good undergraduate grade-point average, especially in upper-division English courses; acceptable scores on the GRE general test, and a graduate application.  We also require three accurate and candid letters of recommendation from three professors who assess the applicant’s suitability for graduate work in English, a thoughtful Statement of Purpose, and a writing sample (approximately 10-15 pages) that demonstrates the applicant’s ability for graduate study.  A successful applicant should provide the following:

  1. Graduate application for admission
  2. $25.00 nonrefundable application fee
  3. Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended
  4. Three recommendation letters
  5. Official GRE score to meet the minimum requirement for regular admissions
    • (Cumulative GPA * 200) + (GRE score) > 520 verbal reasoning
    • 4.5 on analytical writing
  6. Immunization form (before enrollment)
  7. Documentation of Lawful Presence (before enrollment, if applying for in-state tuition)

Regular Admission (without conditions)

Applicants who fully meet the graduate admission program requirements will receive a letter from the Office of Graduate Admissions indicating they have been accepted into the program and can begin to fulfill the requirements toward the MA in English.

Regular Admission (with conditions)

Applicants who do not fully meet the graduate admission program requirements will receive a letter from the Office of Graduate Admissions indicating that they have not met the requirements for entry into the program, but may enroll for 3-6 hours of course work for one semester.  At the end of that semester, the student must have maintained  a “B” in all coursework.  If the student does maintain a “B”, he/she may continue in the program.

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