Gyna McClelland



Gyna McClelland
Nicholls, GA

Hey, my name is Gyna McClelland and I am a beginning freshman at Georgia Southwestern State University. I was always told as a child that college will be a challenge and I would be considered an adult when I began my career. I never thought this transition would come so quickly. At Coffee County High, I was a part of Drama club, H.O.S.A, FCCLA, and Student Council. At Southwestern I plan to join several clubs and participate in intramural sports. I know at Southwestern I will never run out of things to do. My reason for choosing Georgia Southwestern was for the outstanding nursing program. I received my CNA license during my senior year of high school, and I love the healthcare field. I know that GSW will prepare me for a career in nursing. I am ecstatic about continuing my education at Southwestern and all the new experiences to come.  

MLK in the Storm Dome
January 17, 2012

Martin Luther King Day for me was amazing. My day began around 11 o’clock because I had to perform in the dome and it was another success for the Storm Front Dance Team. Although it took a lot of hard work and sometimes stressed me out, our performance finally paid off and the crowd loved it. My friends were there for support and everyone cheered the dance team on even when we had a few mess ups.

After our dance performance, I enjoyed watching the basketball games. The girls and the boys put up a lot of effort in the game and both had victorious wins.


The Curfew is Over...
January 10, 2012

Wow!! Finally back on campus! Over the break I had the chance to spend too much time with my family and that was a very hard task. I really love and enjoy my family, but spending a month with them can be aggravating. Having so much freedom in college allows you to be your own adult and to have quality time to yourself without someone giving you a curfew or making you do things.

Besides missing school, Christmas day for me was great… mainly because of the food! My mom promised me a red velvet cake on Christmas and I finally had the chance to devour it and my stomach was very pleased. As for the overall break, I am surprised that I survived it. I missed school terribly and missed my friends even more.


The Stories are True
December 16, 2011

Well this semester is finally over and I must say that I have enjoyed every part of it. Starting out as a freshman in college I really had to adapt to a lot of things like my class schedule, study habits, and tough friendships.

I have finally learned how to be on my own without my parents. I thought being away from home would be hard and in the beginning it was I little scary, but now I can truly say that I know how to be a college student. The majority of the things I heard about college from my parents and high school teachers were true and it was definitely an eye-opener for me.

Being a nursing major is not as easy as I thought it would be, but I know Georgia Southwestern will better prepare me for the nursing field. I am ready for any obstacle college has for me and I am very excited about the next semester because I know there will be a lot of more memories made at Southwestern. And I am ready! 


The Dance Team...
December 3, 2011

Loud screams and basketball chants! Georgia Southwestern’s stadium is crowded with people and I am terribly nervous. There are knots in my stomach and I feel as though I might pass out. Lord, please don’t let me trip down the stairs, or worse, fall flat on my face. Please not my face! Finally we arrive in the stands I am now in my comfort zone. My captain throws a standing routine and we all fall in behind her. This is the moment I will always cherish. Every eye in the stadium is on us as when begun to dance trying to stay in rotation with one another. Our first dance performance and we are all nervous. The Storm Front Dance Team is back in action and we are better than ever. It was definitely a night to remember and I know there will be plenty more! Well another week almost over with and I finally managed to get through my classes in one piece. My grades are right where I want them to be, so this weekend I am treating myself with a little bit of fun. I am very excited because my girls and I are headed to Columbus for the game. 


No Free Time
November 3, 2011

Well another week almost over with and I finally managed to get through my classes in one piece. My grades are right where I want them to be, so this weekend I am treating myself with a little bit of fun. I am very excited because my girls and I are headed to Columbus for the game.

Since I have been at Georgia Southwestern I haven’t had much time to do things that I often did back home like watch TV, go to games, or even talk on the phone a lot. I guess that comes with college, but it takes some getting used to. Free time is a necessity because it allows you to recharge after a long day, so this weekend will be an exciting experience for me and I can’t wait. Then I will have to repeat this same process next week! Awesome! 


October 4, 2011

So excited about the weekend it is finally here! I am going out with my Candy Girls Promotion Team tonight for the Alpha party. I am interested in seeing what my girls and I will get into tonight. My friends are very important to me on campus and we go everywhere together. We study together, have movie nights together, and even party together. I wouldn’t replace them for anything in the world because I know that they will always be there for me no matter the circumstances.

There are times when I am on campus and I always seem to forget my Canes Card which you have to have to get into the residence halls; they are always there to open the door for me, although I know it aggravates them. I was once told that when you come to college, your friends change as you go, but the ones that will remain will follow you into adulthood. I truly hope that my friends and I remain close because we are inseparable. 


Preparing for the future
September 8, 2011

Wow! What a semester it has been. I can truly say that you can never run out of things to do at Georgia Southwestern and I guarantee you will learn how to be a well -rounded and sociable student. I have joined the Storm Front Dance team, the Gospel Choir, and promote for Candy Girls Entertainment. Every day there is something new for me to experience, so it is very hard to get bored with college life.

There are many times that I have to practice balancing each activity, but that technique will help me in my future. In today’s society, the job market is not only interested in someone who is intelligent, they are also looking at what you can do with that intelligence. Are you the type of student that can write a great essay or are you the type of student that can present that essay in front of a crowd? There are multiple ways that you can find an answer to that question. Try to be that student that isn’t afraid to do more. I am learning that it is very helpful because the more outgoing and sociable you are, the more doors will open in your life.



Changes in My Life
August 23 , 2011

College, relationships, friends, and family… so many things have changed in my life, rather it is for the better or the worst… I am still trying to sort that out. As a young adolescent, I have come a long way from where I use to be. I have climbed obstacles in my life and have accomplished more than I thought I would throughout my struggles. Many people have had a great impact on my life and many have been my stumbling block, but college has told me everything I need to know about what path to follow and what path I should avoid.

Although leaving home was a new experience for me, Southwestern has opened my eyes to multiple things. I am finally learning how to manage my time and get through my classes without falling asleep. Time management, prioritizing, and sleep are a necessity in college. I encourage every student who struggles in college to consider your study habits and to also consider eliminating procrastination because in the end, you will reach your goal and achieve a college degree with no hesitations. College is an amazing experience, but the experience is greater when you have accomplished what is needed to succeed in life.