Carly Cangelosi



Carly Cangelosi

Valdosta, GA

Exercise Science and Wellness/Pre Physical Therapy

My name is Carly Cangelosi and I am a Southwestern Hurricane. I have been involved in many activities at Valdosta High School. I participated cheerleading and played tennis both on the high school team, as well as through the USTA. I was also a member of Sigma which participated in several community service activities. While at GSW I will be a member of the Girls’ Tennis Team and I may even join a sorority. I’m very excited to get the opportunity to play tennis in college. I have met several of the team members already so I feel like I have a group of friends before I step on campus. I chose GSW mainly because my brother, Tommy, is so happy at Southwestern and had so much fun his first year. He made a ton of friends, loves the faculty and staff, and did very well in his classes. I plan for my freshman experience to be even better.  


Too Busy for Facebook?
October 21 , 2011

WOW! Time is flying by…we are already approaching midterms and of course, I’m not prepared. I have been so busy with my sorority, tennis practice, classes, and just trying to get adjusted that I have found myself in a bit of a hole. My mom told me this would happen… but of course I know more than her and didn’t pay attention to her words of wisdom. I’m not accustomed to being this overwhelmed so I really need to get focused. I have had so many old friends mention that I’m not on Facebook much anymore. I just don’t have time. REALLY!

My grades aren’t horrible by any stretch but they aren’t good for me and I’m a little disappointed. I am used to doing very well in school but there are so many distractions J. I’m going to get better organized, focus on time management and devote more time to the few classes that I’m not satisfied with, so that by the end of the semester I will be happy with the outcome (and so will my parents).

Our tennis team had our first ever fall tournament in Melbourne, Florida for three days and it was a lot of fun. The trip was long though (7-8 hours in a van). The guys’ team did very well and the girls’ team did okay. It was a great experience for me, as a freshman, to see the competition at the college level. It is very different than high school.

I’m really enjoying my first year at GSW! I have made so many great new friends and there is so much to do (i.e. distractions). GSW was definitely the right choice for me.


Joining Something that Matters!
September 7 , 2011

The first few weeks of college have quickly passed by and I must say… it has been an amazing experience! Not only have I gotten to experience the normal excitement of all freshmen, but I also have been able to experience RUSH. I wasn’t sure if I would join a sorority mainly because I am on the tennis team and I have an academically challenging major. However, I decided to go for it and I’m glad I did. I will work hard at managing my time because I have taken on a lot of commitments. I can do it though, always being busy with sports, school, and work.

There are two Panhellenic Sororities at Southwestern, Kappa Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha. On the first day of RUSH, all the girls participating came together for a meeting. The following day we went to parties at both sororities and met all of the sisters. This event allowed us to get a feel for each group, how they meshed, and if felt we would be a good fit. They also mingled with us to evaluate the same. If each sorority thought you might be a good fit, then you received an invitation back to the parties the next morning. I was fortunate enough to receive invites to both organizations. However, I chose to only attend the Kappa Delta party on Thursday night. Friday night was preference night and it was probably one of the most memorable parts of RUSH week.

Saturday morning was one of the most anticipated moments in my life. I was hoping to get a bid from Kappa Delta but you never know. When I received the bid I was so happy. I accepted the invitation and now I have a group of friends that will be with me throughout my life! I’m so lucky. Bid day was a big celebration at the lake with swimming, eating, and just enjoying a great day with new friends!

Sorority membership is not just about parties and having a good time. It’s about forming relationships early in life that will continue throughout. It’s about having a support network, just like family, to encourage you to do well in school and other activities and provide the support to be successful. It’s about being part of a bigger group in order to follow through with important charitable activities such as fundraising and volunteer work. It’s about being part of something important, something that matters.


The Best Years are Here!
August 22 , 2011

I have been anxiously waiting for this moment to come since the beginning of my senior year of High School. Naturally, the excitement grew as the year ended and summer began. I’m speaking of my enrollment into a university… specifically, Georgia Southwestern State University. The decision to attend GSW was really a “no-brainer”. My brother, Tommy, was a freshman last year and he basically recruited me. It wasn’t a hard job for him though, because I visited him several times last year. I always had a great time and made many friends. Of course as move in day got closer, my anticipation grew along with some nervousness about leaving my home, my mom & dad, and my friends. After the first few days however, the nervousness started to subside, mainly because of my roommate, Victoria. We get along great… we both play on the tennis team and we have all the same classes together.

Welcome Week was full of many different, fun activities that basically helped all of the freshmen get to know each other. The Southwestern staff is very nice and helpful. Whenever someone had a question they were there to answer it and they made all of us feel comfortable in this new surrounding. I probably had it easier the first few days than most new students because I started college with some friends that I met on previous visits. There is no doubt this is going to be a great experience at a great university! One of the best things so far is the Independence… I can stay up as late as I want, which I do every night and I can throw my clothes everywhere, and no one nags me!

I have already realized why people say these are the best years of your life!