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Jewell Moss
Snellville, GA

Biology – Pre-Medical

Hi, my name is Jewell Moss and I am from Snellville, Georgia. In high school I was involved in many different clubs. I was a part of DECA, Beta Club, Spanish Club, and I was an Officer of Spanish Honors Society. I also was an assistant dance coach  for Shiloh Middle School.

My ultimate goal is to become a Surgical Pathologist and work alongside a surgeon. I would be taking live samples of the patients' DNA to determine their illness and report back to the surgeon. This career is so interesting to me and that is why I chose Biology/Pre-Medical at Southwestern.

I toured several different colleges but none of those universities caught my attention like Southwestern. The faculty, staff, and students were very welcoming and delightful. I felt like I would be an individual not just a number in a huge classroom.  Southwestern was prefect!


Happy New Year!
January 9, 2013

Happy New year everyone! I hope everyone has high hopes and intriguing plans for this New Year… I know I do! This year I want to study harder, join at least one organization on campus, and I want to get more organized. It would also be great if I could study abroad this semester, but it is expensive and I’m not sure I have efficient funds to pay for it. I am, however, keeping my hopes high so maybe I will get to go on a trip out of the country to further my studies in the field of biology.

I am back on campus and I must say that I am really glad to be back. I enjoyed visiting with family and friends and being back in Atlanta. I did extensive shopping downtown with Cameron, my boyfriend, went to my high school basketball game with my best friend, Kaya, attended a few kickbacks, went to my boyfriend’s church, and had fun at a Christmas party where we watched sumo wrestlers throw each other to the ground (lol, don’t ask). Everything was perfect… I did not have to worry about classes for a whole month. Whew! (wipes forehead)

My mother was very excited that I was home, so excited that she even gave me my Christmas gift early. She called everyone and told them I was back in town and planned to cook my favorite foods that whole first week. Unfortunately, the welcome home phase wore off that next day; my mom had me washing dishes, cleaning the stairs, mopping the floor, and even cleaning her room! As I cleaned up, all I could think of was Southwestern. GSW would never make me clean…-_- (straight face)

On New Year’s Eve, I went to church and it was incredible. The word was great and I felt like there was no better place to spend my new year. I joined that church that night. It was the best night of my break.

I am glad to be back now because I missed Southwestern and my friends. Now I am preparing for my classes: buying books, adding and dropping classes, and replenishing school supplies. I forget what all needs to be done because there is so much going on when you are in college, but it is great to be independent. After you experience it, you don’t want to go back home to all the rules and annoying chores! 



First Semester = Piece a Cake!
December 10, 2012

My first semester at Georgia Southwestern was outstanding! The classes, the people, the staff, and the many friends that I have made here just made it worth my while. I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t even see the end coming so soon. I will miss my new friends and the sense of independence I got from being on my own, but I am getting home sick!

Finals went well; I made no less than a B on each of my finals.  I have to admit, though, I did some procrastinating when it came to studying for my finals. I waited until the last two days to cram, but I still did well. I wouldn’t recommend any freshmen to cram for a final because it did put a lot of stress on me. When finals were over and it was time to go home, I exhaled and put on a big smile; relieved that I could finally reflect on fall semester, 2012. 

I finished the semester with three A’s and three B’s! When I told my family this news they were very proud, but I was not too proud of myself because I know I could have done better and studied more diligently.  On the other hand, I was managing to balance my fun and social experiences with my academics here at Southwestern.

Now I am at home preparing for the holidays and catching up with family and old friends! I am looking forward to Christmas; not for the gifts necessarily, but because it is a holiday of giving and remembrance of Jesus Christ himself. I love giving thanks on Christmas day for all that I am blessed with. This year, I plan to go to church, do community service down town, and spend time with family.

For New Years Eve, I am going to down town Atlanta to watch the peach drop with friends, go out to eat, and then get a hotel and reminisce and update one another on life! Half of my friends are at other colleges and the other half are still at home working, so we have lots to catch up on! No matter how many new people come into your life, it is always important to keep your best friends close and not lose contact.



Skating in the Park
November 27, 2012

It is almost the end of first semester and I feel like we just moved in a week ago!  Time just flew by, but I enjoyed every bit of it. My grades are great; I have A’s and B’s. I didn’t have to study too hard to get them so I know I could have all A’s if I put forth my best effort. My goal next semester is to try harder to focus on my academics, but I am proud to say I finished Fall semester with a bang.  I have been anticipating Christmas break so much that I have been putting off studying for my. In my head, I am finished with fall semester. I am about to study right after I finish this blog lol =)!

For thanksgiving break, everyone left on Tuesday right after classes, but I had to stay until Wednesday before I could leave to go home -_- (straight face).  My car is here on campus, but it is broken and cannot be driven long distances. I had to wait on my dad, who lives two minutes away from GSW, to come get me Wednesday night. It was completely vacant on campus Tuesday night! I felt like I was in a horror movie walking down the hallways gawking at every dark corner to make sure no one was trying to scare me. That is when I thought to myself,”Dang…I’m really here all alone.” I couldn’t take the silence anymore because I was so used to hearing people running down the hallway, peaking in to my room and saying hi, or opening and closing the main door to our hall. So, I got in my broken Oldsmobile cutlass, A.K.A. odd mobile cutoff, and I went to my dad’s house. I forgot to mention my car was the ONLY car left in the parking lot of my residence hall.

When I did get home Wednesday night I was ecstatic to see my mom and family, but most of all I was excited to see my boyfriend, Cameron. Thursday morning I got ready and then ate a great thanksgiving breakfast with my mother. Afterwards, we went to my Aunt Yolande’s house and I ate again; not because I was hungry, but because I was being greedy, lol. I saw a lot of my family and they were so proud of me for how I was doing in school. It made me proud of myself, which rarely happens because I always feel like I can do better. Cameron and I left my aunt’s house and went to his Aunt Winnie’s house and I ate again; another full plate of food in less than an hour. I have grown really close to his family over the years, especially his aunt. His Aunt Winnie has cancer and it made me feel good to see her doing so well and enjoying family on Thanks giving. Thanksgiving was wonderful and I ate as much as my stomach allowed me too.

 As an early birthday gift on Friday, Cameron took me to downtown Atlanta at an amazing restaurant and we went ice skating in Centennial Park. It was amazing and it definitely made my weekend very special. He also got me the sims3 pets. The Sims is my favorite game in the world! So Saturday night, I played my new game all day and then went shopping with my mom. My mom and I love shopping and hanging out in the mall, it is our bonding time. That Sunday morning, my dad, grandma, and I trailed back to Americus and I slept the entire way. It was a phenomenal weekend spent with family and I can’t wait for Christmas break! 



Tarzan and... the Bunny?
November 04, 2012

Halloween was last week and it was Phenomenal! I went to the haunted house at the Windsor Hotel located in downtown Americus and went to three costume parties. Each one of these events was hosted by GSW organizations. The haunted house was decorated to be really spooky, bloody, and kind of gross. It was perfect for a Halloween scene! My Boyfriend, Cameron, came down that weekend to celebrate with me. Cameron and I dressed up and went to the parties and then we went to the haunted house. The house was amusing, but not really scary because I knew everyone who tried to scare me… plus I do not scare too easily. I dressed up as a bunny with my best friend Victoria while Cameron dressed up as my Tarzan. The comments we got were hilarious! One was, “Hey Tarzan, how did you get a bunny?”

The next day, Victoria and I put on the same costume and went to the costume party hosted by one of the fraternities. It was a huge party, everyone was there. I even met someone who went to school in Atlanta there; I thought that was pretty cool because I live around that area. We danced and socialized and had a great night.

All that partying was good until I woke up Friday morning with a cold. Maybe it was because I was partying in 30 degree weather for hours with a short, skimpy costume. Every time I would get sick, my mommy would nurse me back to health, but now I’m all alone. It makes me eager for this break to come so I can be with family, because family makes you feel better at times like this…. at least mine does. Lol

Jewell 110212


Feeling Good
October 10, 2012

It is the week after midterms and I am relieved that it is over. I was so nervous about taking midterms, but it was not what I expected it to be at all. I thought it would be like high school midterms, having information dated all the way back to day one, but it was just another test covering just as much information as the last test. It was not overwhelming at all! Midterm is just a time period here at college; it is not a huge test that covers more than a regular test. However, some midterms count more than regular exams. I did well on all of my midterms and I passed all of them with an A or a B. Well, all except for one… the Biology Lab midterm was insanely hard! I still passed with a 75, but I HATE getting C’s!

Biology Lab is hard because it is a very independent atmosphere. In high school, you do many labs and teachers walk you through them, but here in college you have to walk yourself through it! You have to read about the lab prior to actually doing the lab or the professor will sound like he is speaking in a different language! During the lab the professor might read over the procedures, but it just depends on the professor you have for Bio Lab. My professor, for example, talks really fast about the basics of the lab and then lets us read and do the lab on our own. Most of the time, me and all of my classmates have no clue what we are doing. If this happens, don’t be afraid to ask the professor for help because he may not come to you and ask if you have questions. That is one thing I do miss about my high school science teachers. Also the online pre- lab quiz and post lab quizzes are really difficult. They cover the lab topics extensively and you definitely need to review and study before taking these. Just a heads up if you come to Southwestern or any college that has good science programs.

I truly enjoyed my fall break. It put me at ease from all the testing I did that week. I went home to Snellville, Georgia, and it is true when they say, “there is no place like home.” It was also a joy to see my family and my boyfriend. It is extremely difficult to keep a long distance relationship in college, but it is definitely worth it. While I was home, I hung out with my best friend from my high school, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend. We all went to downtown Atlanta to walk around and celebrate my best friend’s birthday. It was phenomenal and I really miss being near the city of Atlanta.

Now, I am currently preparing for Halloween! There are two Halloween parties here on campus that I am going to attend with my new best friend, Victoria Graydon, and my boyfriend is also coming down. I also plan to go to the Windsor Hotel in downtown Americus. The Windsor Hotel is going to be turned into a Haunted House next weekend and I can’t wait! I have a thing for horror that no one understands, but I am ecstatic!  I have recently found out that the Windsor Hotel is actually haunted! I saw it on the Most Haunted Places Countdown T.V. show that comes on the Discovery Channel. For Halloween, Victoria and I are going to be playboy bunnies and my boyfriend, Cameron, is going to be Hugh Hefner or Tarzan. He keeps saying he wants to be anything that requires him to wear a butt flap… Don’t ask… lol.  He is silly, but I Love him!



Time to Buckle Down
September 29, 2012

This is the sixth week of school and it feels like the second.  Time is flying by and it is beginning to get overwhelming! There are so many assignments due in my classes and on top of that, it is time for midterms. I am not stressed out because I have been doing my work, but I know I can do better. There are so many distractions you encounter everyday here:  campus activities, hanging out with friends, doing laundry, cleaning your room, even eating can be time consuming!

At this time my biggest problem is time management. One thing I would not recommend is cramming the night before a test. My roommate learned that the hard way when she found out she made a 50 on a College Algebra quiz. I have been managing to get good grades, but I know I can get all A’s if I study a little bit harder. This week, I have done less hanging out and more studying in my room. I hope it pays off. We will see by the end of this week when testing is over and grades are posted.

I still love this school and the people in it, but it is time to buckle down and focus on academics. I will be back to studying right after I finish talking to you guys. There is so much to do in so little time, but I hope I can study smart… not hard and make good grades on my midterm exams; I am nervous!


Loving College Life
September 4, 2012

It is three weeks into school and I am absolutely loving college life! I barely even wanted to go home for Labor Day weekend because I have gotten accustomed to life here at Southwestern. It’s a sense of freedom that I get here that I would never get at home and I love it!

It’s not all fun and games. So far I have aced two quizzes in my math class and I have two tests coming up and I have been studying for them a lot. I am nervous… these tests will be my first I take in college and I don’t know if they will be incredibly hard or a piece of cake. There are no study guides given out, just homework and quizzes. Also, it is no longer tests that only cover three sections; my college algebra test this Thursday is covering the whole chapter with seven sections. It is different from high school, but I love the transition. I am hoping to balance my social life with my academics, and so far I am doing well. Is it to soon to brag? lol

One thing that just puts the icing on the cake is that I have been talking to my friends at Kennesaw State, Valdosta State, and Georgia State and I ask them, “how is college life over there?” They reply, “oh…Its ok here.” I feel that’s unfortunate because those are my friends and they don’t seem too happy, but Wahoo! I am ecstatic because I chose the right college! I am proud of my decision, but I won’t lose focus of my goal: learn, succeed, and aspire higher.

Jewell 090412


New Friends… New Activities
August 19, 2012

The first week at Southwestern was phenomenal! I met tons of people from different places and everyone was really nice. The Welcome Week activities helped me to loosen up and feel more comfortable with my new home. There were many social events that freshmen could attend to get to know each other and the GSW staff. Making new friends is helping make the high school to college transition much easier.

My classes are interesting and so far, I love my professors! I definitely need to implement a better study schedule, especially with all the fraternity parties and activities that are always going on at Southwestern! I have to say, I absolutely enjoyed going to the parties. The events reminded me of something you would see in a movie.

This first week at GSW was action packed and it is obvious that there are ALWAYS fun events on campus. My biggest focus, however, is maintaining academic excellence in all of my classes. I love Georgia Southwestern already, and I would highly recommend attending this college to any curious high school seniors!



Nervous... Anxious… Ready...
August 10, 2012

It is the night before move in day and I am so anxious!

I can’t sleep because I’m constantly thinking about my new living arrangements at Georgia Southwestern. So many things are running through my mind like: Will my room be big enough? Will I like my roommate? What if I don’t make any friends! There are so many emotions that I’m feeling all at once.

I am excited, scared, frantic, and kind of sad to leave my mom. My mom is calling everyone in her phonebook to vent about me leaving for college, and I don’t know if I should cry or cheer. I am honestly glad I’m leaving home so I can be more independent because I am a spoiled mommy’s girl. My mom said without me, she is not going to have a life, but I told her it won’t be different because I will make sure I call her everyday. The real question is will I be ok without her? She does everything for me; me going off to college is like sending a ten year old off alone in a strange city. What is going to happen?

I honestly do not know what to expect my first year at Southwestern, but I have met a lot of nice people that feel just like me right about now: nervous as crap! I met them through the GSW Accepted Students page on Facebook and we have been talking to each other all night. I am very eager to see what is to come. Tomorrow will be my first step to adulthood and I cannot wait. This transition for me right now is bitter sweet, but I’m sure I will absolutely love GSW! Well goodnight, I need to get some rest because tomorrow is a big day and it is already 3 A.M.