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Emily White
Woodstock, GA

Early Childhood Education

My name is Emily Lois White, I am 19 years old and excited to be a Southwestern Hurricane!

While in high school I stayed busy cheerleading both coaching younger girls as a part of the Georgia Elite AllStars competitive cheerleading.

My plans for my first year at Southwestern are to join a sorority, the O’Team, the Zephyrs, the SGA, and possibly join the cheerleading team.

When searching for the perfect university, I considered the following: I wanted a small class size, to be able to meet people through Greek Life, possibly be a cheerleader for basketball, a smaller city, new residence halls, a friendly environment, helpful staff, and a school with a great academic reputation. I found everything I wanted and more when I visited Southwestern. I plan to major in Education. 


A Zeta Bunny
November 09, 2012

Halloween at Southwestern was so much fun! I dressed up as a bunny with some of my closest friends! School is getting harder as the semester is going on and there are only four more weeks left! It is crazy how time is flying by.

I have been very busy writing papers for my English composition class and keeping up with my psychology class. In psychology we had to do a research study and it was amazing to see how personalities are different. In the GSW Experience class we had to go to convocation about women in Korea and it was very interesting to see the studies and research that they have found.

I still love my sorority. Being in Zeta Tau Alpha sister has been an incredible experience. We recently had fun holding Pink Week. A week where the Zetas hold several events to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and Education! A few events included Big Man on Campus which is a womanless beauty pageant and even a yogurt eating contest. The entire week was a great success.



A Needed Fall Break...
October 11, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Midterms were really hard and time consuming! I ended up dropping my Geology class because of the lab portion. I recommend not taking the class your first semester of freshman year. Make sure to prioritize and put your classes first and the fun stuff after.

For fall break, I went home for the extended weekend. It was really good getting to spend time with my family. I was finally initiated into Zeta Tau Alpha and I am officially a sister! I got a big sister and she is a sweetheart! I am so very proud to be in an amazing sorority!



Barely Keeping Up
September 27, 2012

Hey All! I hope everyone is having a great week! I have been overwhelmed with school! We have midterms coming up and I am swamped. I got my first paper back from my teacher and got a B! I was so excited.

College is very hard… balancing school with other activities and keeping your school work has to be your main focus. My classes keep getting harder, but I am glad that my sorority has study hours to keep me on track! We have to complete five study hours a week in the library or on our sorority floor.

I also have initiation week coming up! My test for initiation is this Sunday, so wish me luck! I finally got my big sister in my sorority and couldn't have been happier. Having a big sister in my sorority is awesome because she is there for you no matter what. She even helped me study this week for my Geology test!

I've also been working out and attending spinning classes in the Storm Dome. It is really great to have access to such nice amenities. We had health and safety inspections in the residence halls this week also! The staff stop by our rooms a few times per year to make sure everything is clean and safe. You could say my life has been very hectic! Attending GSW is really a great opportunity and blessing.

Until next time, Emily.



I'm a Zeta
September 5, 2012

Hello all! I am so excited to share my Recruitment Week experience with everyone! I had the time of my life and absolutely loved every minute. It was so much fun! Tuesday started off with a meeting and tour of the sorority floors. KD had a great floor and they were all very nice but I knew once I walked on the Zeta floor, it was home.

The next couple of nights consisted of skits and informational meetings like philanthropy night. Skit night was so much fun! Although I can’t go into detail, I will say that going through recruitment was a great experience and I encourage everyone to Go Greek! Pref night was the best night and it showed me how much the sisters’ sorority meant to them! Bid day was filled with so many memories!

I pledged Zeta Tau Alpha and am so proud! We went to the lake and had a great day.  Becoming a part of Zeta was the best decision of my life! As far as academics, my classes are so hard! Psychology and World Civ II are killing me! Future advice for all incoming freshman, STUDY HARD!

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A Busy First Week
August 19, 2012

My first week of school was hectic! Between running around trying to find my classes… to trying to figure out my sleep schedule… I am extremely exhausted.

Southwestern is a great campus. I truly enjoyed my first week here. The professors will be very helpful and want to help us succeed. High school and college are completely different. The workload and time management are going to be the hardest to balance. This first week I have gone to class, tried the new restaurants, experienced fraternity parties, and much more!

This week, I am hoping to go to the Baptist College Ministries event. I also have sorority recruitment. I am so nervous to go through recruitment and just want it to be over with quickly! I hope to join a sorority, gain sisters, and create a bond with them for life. Not to mention, the philanthropy and community service projects will be so rewarding.



Mama's Crying!
August 10, 2012

Moving to Southwestern… moving into the residence hall tomorrow! My Mom has already started crying and packing has been so horrible, it is taking forever... but it is almost completed My room will be blue and brown… and I have packed two cars full of stuff.

I am so excited that I chose Southwestern as my home. I love the small class sizes, Greek life, and the city of Americus. I can’t wait to go Greek! Joining a great sorority would be a dream come true. Recruitment is coming up and I am so excited.

Moving in tomorrow is going to be a chore but I am ready!