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Brandon Hartman
Decatur, GA


My name is Brandon Hartman and I grew up in Decatur, about 10 minutes outside the city of Atlanta. I am the middle child of three kids. My high school career… jam-packed. As a freshman I was a part of the Debate Team, Key Club, and help start S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions).

At Georgia Southwestern, I plan to join the Sirocco literary magazine and hopefully find my way into the Sou’Wester newspaper. At the moment, I am not sure about any fraternities, as my focus is more on my school work for my first semester. Getting involved is a must and intramural sports are a definite. 

Even though I am an undeclared major, I will likely graduate as an English major. My plans for the future are to be a sports writer or movie critic. I love writing creatively and just writing in general. I also don’t mind speaking in front of people so maybe you could see me as a sportscaster somewhere in the near future.

I decided to attend GSW because of the environment. All the other schools I visited seemed congested and cold. At GSW, the people were great and the campus was breathtaking. I am super excited about the future that lies ahead of me at Southwestern and sharing my experiences you.


Nervous Drive Back
January 5, 2013

Back to Southwestern and I can’t be any happier. Even though I’m excited to get back, I really enjoyed my break back home. The holiday was great. I had family come down from Maryland and spend a week with us. During the break, I went around and got the chance to visit some old friends from high school and visited my teachers from high school. Since we live in the southern state of Georgia with unpredictable weather, we did not have a white Christmas here, but it was still very pleasant.

Throughout my break I got to see my family, but maybe too much. Spending so much time with siblings and parents really got to me. I was used to life being just me and my friends. When I got home, I had to liven up the house a little. It was a little dull and very quiet since I had been gone. So they were happy to see me back and have me entertain them with my stories from college and my witty since of humor.

On my way back to GSW I had a weird feeling in my stomach. I was happy that I was coming back but also nervous for the semester that was ahead. It was a very bitter feeling. But once here with all the familiar faces and friends, I was able to get back into my usual routine.

Being back here at Southwestern, I’m excited to start classes and have another great semester. I also plan to work harder in my classes and to stay involved on campus.



Ready for Some Lazy Days
December 10, 2012

First semester came to an end very rapidly. Finals’ week and the week prior were two of the most stressful weeks of my life. There was so much information I needed to cover. After the grades were finalized, I was very relieved, I was able to say, “I completed my first semester of college. “

In the whole, first semester was pretty good. I got the chance to meet great groups of friends and the college life experience was phenomenal. There is nothing like living on your own making your own decisions. Southwestern won me over, not because of the location but because of the people that are here.

First semester grades weren’t as great as I wanted, but I was able to complete my classes with decent grades. Now I’m looking forward to second semester and what it has to offer.

For my winter break I plan to go back to my job and work to make a little money. Besides working, I want to spend some time with my family. “There’s nothing like home,” and I have truly missed it. Most of my spare time over the winter break will be spent relaxing and sleeping. I realize I don’t sleep a lot anymore, I but do take a lot naps throughout the day.


Let's Get to the Break Already
December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving break was great… I was so glad to get back home and be able to see my family. It has been seven weeks, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Once home, I was able to walk into a house full of the smells of home cooked meals and just be comfortable in a familiar place. Over the break, I was able to see my family and grandparents and spend my Thanksgiving Day with them.

Throughout the break though, I was able to go back to my job in the mall for the holiday and black Friday. I was working for the money because of I am on the average college student’s budget… meaning I am broke. Thanksgiving break ended for my brother early so he had to leave us on Thanksgiving but it was all good.

I look at my Thanksgiving break as a tease. I was home for so little time and had to come back to school and jump back into the books… due to finals. Even though I only have one more week left of college, it still upsets me.

Surprisingly, this semester has come to a close, quickly. Now I can say, “I have completed a semester of college.” There are a lot of people in the world that haven’t even done that. So I have witnessed it and experienced it and I can’t wait to finish my 4 years so I can get my degree.



Thanksgiving... Here I Come
November 8, 2012

Halloween has passed and life at GSW has been great. There were a lot of ways to get spooked. Our GSW Theatre class organized a haunted house at a local hotel for both the community and GSW residents. I was able to enjoy and spend Halloween with a few of my friends and attend an on campus haunted house in Duncan Hall. Duncan Hall is rumored to be haunted and Halloween just made it even scarier.

Since the last time I checked in with you guys I hadn’t been as busy socially. The semester and work has been wearing me down. I’ve been on multiple dates with the library. Recently I was informed about the intramural basketball season coming up. My residence hall floor is putting together a team, so my spare time has been spent in the gym practicing.

The semester is getting really close to an end and all I can think about now is Thanksgiving and how my semester will end after finals. I cannot wait to get home. I haven’t missed home this much since I arrived here at GSW, but I can already taste Thanksgiving dinner two weeks away. It feels like we’ve only been here a few weeks but months have passed. This semester could not have gone by faster. I’m so excited and cannot wait for my second semester at Southwestern.


Home for Fall Break
October 12, 2012

Midterm Week was crazy. I currently am taking 6 classes and 4 of them required a midterm exam. I was spending so much time in the library and in my room studying to prepare myself for these exams. When they finally came around they weren’t as hard as I thought, except for one. I barely knew any of the information on it. In my head, after finishing that exam, I knew I failed. In the end, when midterm grades were posted, I realized I made a “B” on the exam. I was shocked. Most of my midterms came out well; I passed them all and was able to go home for the fall break without worrying too much about my grades and what my parents would think.

During my fall break I went home without telling my parents. I left on Thursday, right after my last exam and showed up at my home in Atlanta. My parents were surprised that I would be back so soon, since I was just there 4 weeks ago for Labor Day weekend. I enjoyed my time at home and I got a chance to see my sister dressed up for her first Homecoming dance as a high school freshmen. I also was able to spend time hanging out with my best friend since 5th grade.

The four day break was just enough time at home, being able to see my parents and see my dog was great. Now it was time to be on campus again. I’ve realized being on your own makes you always want to be on your own. Yes, you want to see your parents, but 4 days was good. It’s now time to get back to school and hit the studies. We are 8 weeks in and almost done with the first semester. Time sure does fly.

I defiantly love my Southwestern family here in Americus; the people here are great. In a crazy way, my group of friends and I are very similar in the way we act. I am very proud to call myself a Cane.

Next weekend is Preview Day and I am anxious to see the faces of the possible incoming freshmen when they get a look at GSW. I’m sure all of you will love it.


Residence Hall Trouble
October 1, 2012

Georgia Southwestern has yet to let me down. During these past couple months I have occupied myself with campus activities. I was invited to join one of the fraternity’s flag football teams for intramural sports. Our games are usually held on Wednesday or Thursday nights. Currently my team isn’t the best, but we are having fun playing as a team.  Plus the exercise is good and so is the social part of it.

Life in the residence halls is great too… chilling and hanging out with friends, but it can also get you into a little bit of a bind if you’re not careful. Just a few weeks ago, my roommate and I opened our door to a letter from the Director of Residence Life. The letter stated, “there were 8 to 11 people in the room.” We are allowed no more than 4 visitors at one time. Luckily for us there was just a misunderstanding and after talking to the Director of Residence life, we were okay.

Some people say there isn’t much to do on campus once the weekend arrives, but I know otherwise. My friend and neighbor upstairs, Greer, was participating in a play, “Glory Man,” for her theatre class. I decided to attend the play on a Thursday night. To be honest… the play was great… so were all the students. It was both comical and informative.  Weeks before the play, I sat in on a concert held in our music hall when the Atlanta Guitar Trio came to perform.

Homesickness is not an issue; a few students do go home on a weekly basis. As for me, I have been home once since school began. I miss home, but not to the point where I have to visit. Skyping my parents and sister is just as effective. 



Glad to be Back on Campus
September 6, 2012

School has been great so far, entering the fourth week I am really starting to see college as college. When I say this, I mean you are witnessing the huge tests that are nearly back-to back in each and every class. Like I have said before, I wanted to get involved around campus, but due to the studying and hard work I have minimal time for leisure activities.

As you can tell I like to write, that is one of the reasons I am a Freshmen Blogger, but I would like my writing to be published in the school’s literary magazine. In my spare time I like to write poetry. So why not let everyone get a glimpse of what Brandon has to offer when it comes to creative writing? I even wrote a poem about home, because I am missing it like crazy and this week can’t go by any slower.

Labor Day weekend was my opportunity to go home and see my family that likes to act as if they don’t miss me, but we all know they do. “At this point nothing can ruin my week,” but I spoke too quickly. Thursday I am assigned an online test to take over the weekend. A test was the last thing on my mind, and since it was I wasn’t focused, I didn’t do as well as I would have liked. That is life; what is done is done and all I can do now is straighten up and put my best foot forward.

Home was great! Just seeing my parents, sister, brothers, and dog brought out the child in me. We shared family time, going to Stone Mountain and walking around together. We talked about everything, it doesn’t get much better than that. Labor Day wasn’t much of a big day as it usually is when we are together, because I didn’t have much time due to the fact that I had to come back to my second home here at Southwestern.

Getting back to school was great. I needed that weekend to get away from school, but it was time to get back. I like my freedom too much to be at home for too long.  I love GSW and the people I surround myself with make it even better. My tip is to make friends and surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart because they can actually have a constructive effect on your future.


Weekend Party Over Here!
August 20, 2012

Move in day was hectic. I arrived around 9 o’clock with butterflies out of this world. There were so many people walking in and out of the building. Once I hop out of my car, instantly there are volunteers lending a hand to help me move stuff into my new home. The people were so nice and friendly. My parents help me set up my room, it’s nice but doesn’t compare to home. My eyes begin to water, it has been a long day and it’s time for my parents to leave. Now it is time for me to start life away from home.

What a week? My first week of college had its up and downs. The downside to starting this adventure was merely the absence of my parents. Another downside, I had to wake up at 8 o’clock for classes, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. My first week consisted of mostly work and getting to know people in my hall and around campus. I made my rounds, making new friends and getting insight from upperclassmen who knew all the helpful tips us freshmen could use while being on campus.

Class was class, the first couple of days papers were due, and assignments were assigned, but that was already greatly anticipated. The work load is a lot more than high school, but there is more time to complete it. The professors are pretty chill; they understand that we are all adults here so they don’t pull any punches. For me I was done with my classes by Thursday, so that is the start of my weekend.

My roommate, Michael, is really cool. Our likes and dislikes are nearly identical. Throughout the week we met new people and shared some of the same friends. The first weekend had finally arrived and everyone knows at college, on the weekends, there are parties.  some of the guys from my hall and I went out Thursday. There were parties either thrown by the fraternities or other organizations around campus, we went to them all. Friday was everyone’s “chill day”, most people went home, but unfortunately I don’t have my car first semester, so I’m stuck at the school, and I am forced to complete my laundry. Saturday was another big night. The Glow Stick and Blackout party was pretty intense and lots of fun.  

So far at school I am into my second week and I am loving it, and being able to share my experiences with you is making it even better. Even though college is great, I still miss home. I hope you guys stay tuned and I will keep you guys posted with my new life at GSW.



Moving isn’t Easy
August 10, 2012

Getting ready for move in day is an experience in itself before you even get to school. Packing was my biggest issue. Going through all the clothes in my room, I noticed I had too much. My room went from junky to immaculate with everything going into a box or a tote. My stomach began to do flips and I had butterflies like I was in line for a roller coaster that ended with another hill to climb. That climb, was me trying to get over the fact that I am now on my own, and the ride is just beginning. I am now independent and my decisions affect my future.

As I sit in the car on the way to school, I look around at this van full of “my stuff” for “my new room…” the feeling is surreal and hasn’t quite sunk in yet. It’s finally here! I look at the GPS, and I realize I’m 53 minutes away from my new home in Americus. You can just see the smiles on my parents' faces, they are excited for me. I am their second child to enroll in college and begin his life. What parent wouldn’t be proud? The drive continues and my mom breaks the silence saying, “we’re going to miss you, Brandon.” This sidetracks my train of thought and brings me into a sensitive state. I believe all beginning freshmen want freedom, but still seek insight from their guardians. Although moving out was an emotional and demanding chore, moving in will be an even greater task.