First Year Experience

  • Programming geared toward the high school to university transition
  • Assistance for those new to campus
  • Out-of-class experience with faculty and staff
  • Tutoring and academic assistance
  • Close proximity to others who are new to the campus
  • Fun opportunities to get you involved in campus life
  • Weekend activities to make GSW the place you want to be

It isn't easy being a freshman. The First Year Experience program at Southwestern, or FYE, helps ease the transition from high school to college. Research shows the first year of college is critical to the success of students. Through the FYE program, Southwestern students are given the right introduction to college life to help them build a firm foundation for a strong future of learning. That introduction includes a special residence hall designated for freshmen, so that they can "live and learn" together.

FYE Jason Wicker

The FYE includes a required "University 1000" class that instructs new students in good study habits and time management skills. We reserve seating for freshmen in core curriculum courses to aid in an easy registration process. All of these aspects help students make new friends their first semester of college and ensure their social and academic growth. The program also includes our First Year Advocate.

First Year Advocate


The First Year Advocate is a full-time staff member whose responsibility is to build trust and communication with our first year students so that she can provide help and guidance to them. That help may be with a problem roommate, issues at home, or simply helping the student locate an office on campus. Housed in our Academic Resource Center, our First Year Advocate is readily available to meet with every new freshman during their first semester of college and beyond. Parents can also call the advocate if they have concerns. We want to see our students succeed, and this program is one of the many ways Georgia Southwestern is ensuring that will happen.