Guaranteed Nursing Admission

Georgia Southwestern State University School of Nursing offers an excellent opportunity for a select number of exceptional high school students to obtain acceptance to the nursing program before graduating high school. The Guaranteed Acceptance Program (GAP) assures eligible students a place in our nursing program, contingent upon fulfilling certain requirements. Admission to nursing programs is extremely competitive across the country. Students who choose to begin their college career at Southwestern are given an opportunity to apply for the GAP. Selection will be determined using high school GPA, SAT/ACT scores, two references, and a one page Personal Statement Essay. An entrance interview may also be required.NursingGAP.jpg

Minimum to be considered for the School of Nursing’s Guaranteed Acceptance Program (GAP), high school seniors must meet the following criteria by April 1st:

● Acceptance to Georgia Southwestern State University as a beginning freshman for fall semester.

● Return the following information to the School of Nursing:

○ Completed GAP application.

○ One page Personal Statement Essay- highlighting unique characteristics and abilities of self, explanation of personal interest in healthcare as a profession, and any personal life events that have prompted interest in a nursing career.

○ Two academic references. One must be from a high school science teacher.

● Have Freshman Index (FI) of 2330 or greater.

○ The formulas to determine the student's admission status are:

■ Freshman Index based on SAT scores:

◘ FI= High School Academic GPA x 500 + SAT Critical Reading + SAT Math

■ Freshman Index based on ACT scores:

◘ FI= High School Academic GPA x 500 + (ACT composite x 42) + 88

Students admitted to the GAP are required to meet the following requirements while at Southwestern before beginning the nursing program:

● Return the completed GAP Verification Form with supporting documents to the School of Nursing by the Traditional Nursing program application deadline currently set as February 15th for students wishing to begin the nursing program during a fall semester and August 22nd for students wishing to begin the nursing program during a spring semester.

● Completion of all core classes from Areas A, D, and F AND lack no more than nine (9) hours of core classes from Areas B, C, and/or E of the nursing curriculum sheet.

● Have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.8/4.0.

● Completion of all nursing program pre-requisite courses:

○ BIOL 2030, 2040, and 2050 with a grade of “C” or better

○ PSYC 2130

○ MATH 2204 and Math 1111 or 1113

○ One Science lab sequence: BIOL 1107/1108, BIOL 2107/2108, CHEM 1211/1212, or CHEM 1151/1152, PHYS 1111/1112, or PHYS 2211/2212

○ NURS 2600, 2700, and 3005 with a grade of “C” or better

● Earn a Proficient or higher in the ATI Academic Preparedness Category Score and Proficient or higher on the ATI Test of Essential Skills (TEAS) exam and have official scores submitted to the School of Nursing.

● Maintain continual fulltime enrollment with Southwestern for fall and spring semesters between enrollment to the university and entrance to the Nursing Program.

● Meet all Georgia Southwestern School of Nursing enrollment requirements and begin nursing program within 5 semesters (not including summer semesters) from university entrance.

* High school seniors admitted to Georgia Southwestern as Beginning Freshmen who do not meet the GAP requirements or who are denied admission to the GAP Program will still be listed as pre-nursing majors and be able to apply to the School of Nursing during their sophomore year at Southwestern.

* GAP students planning to take transient courses must have courses pre-approved by GSW’s School of Nursing faculty.

* Students enrolled in the GAP may be eligible for specific nursing scholarships.


Nursing GAP Application

Nursing GAP Reference Form

Printable GAP Information