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NURS 3600S  Transcultural Healthcare

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An introduction to transcultural health care. The study of health care in a variety of cultural settings is accomplished through comparative analysis from a nursing perspective. Historical, political, and religious factors which impact health care beliefs of the caregiver and the client are studied within the framework of cultural health care theory. An elective course. (1-2-3) Prerequisites: NURS 3002 and NURS 3007. Corequisites: None

The course description doesn’t say it all as evidenced by the pictures from this year’s group of students who went to Jamaica over spring break! From take off from Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, GA, to landing in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the group formed friendships beyond the classroom and experienced events that they will remember forever as they pursue their nursing careers after graduation.

While the trip was full of fun and good food, it was also a “working vacation” as the group assisted in a Community Health Clinic Day in Flanker by practicing what they had learned in Clinical Therapeutics and Health Assessment classes. The group carried bags of health care and hygiene products assembled by the GSW class and passed them out to the clients of the health clinic.


While visiting the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf, the group instructed the children on dental hygiene and good health practices.  They were rewarded by the children with a wonderful play acted in sign language and dance.

The Flanker community is not in the resort area of Jamaica, but is a community reflecting the true culture of the island and the way the people actually work and live. There was no air conditioning or luxury accommodations, but there were friendly people and wonderful food and music while staying at the Fairhaven Jamaica Link Ministry. 


It wasn’t all work.  There was still time for experiencing some of the beautiful natural areas.  The group climbed a waterfall!

While not all class members were able to travel to Jamaica, all learned about different cultures and their health practices in relation to their culture, religion, and their means available for treatment.

If you are interested in seeing how health care is practiced in another country, please contact:

Mrs. Joy Humphrey, 229-931-2607

We hope you will want to join us in the School of Nursing and experience life and healthcare beyond our borders!