Special Education

Students planning to teach individuals with disabilities should enroll in this program leading to Georgia T-4 certification in Special Education.

A degree in Special Education qualifies an individual for professional opportunities in public schools and other settings concerned with meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities. Special Education graduates are currently in great demand in Georgia and throughout the nation.

The Special Education program requires the completion of a concentration in Reading. Courses that are taken to satisfy this requirement include: EDRG 3020, EDRG 3040, EDRG 3060, EDRG 3280, and EDRG 4100.


Core Curriculum Requirements

Admission to Teacher Education

Admission to Student Teaching

Required Teaching Field Courses: Teaching Field requirements are established by the School of Education. Major teaching field courses should be taken during the junior and senior years. Teaching field courses, including the Special Education Block, must be completed prior to Student Teaching.

Special Education Block: All students seeking initial certification in Special Education are required to complete the Special Education Block prior to Student Teaching. The Special Education Block is a full-time experience of course work and internship. Students spend time as interns serving special education pupils in public schools under the supervision of master teachers. Additionally, they are enrolled in university course work on campus.

Bachelor of Science in Education with a Major in Special Education-General Curriculum Sheet and Requirements

GACE Policy for Special Education Majors

Course Sequences


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