Office of Field and Clinical Experiences


Office of Field and Clinical Experiences

Clinical and field experiences are critical elements of teacher education. Because teacher candidates consistently refer to their school-based experiences as some of the most important parts of their learning about teaching, the School of Education is committed to integrating course work with high quality field work. According to the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (2010), high quality teacher preparation programs have three salient features: “(1) tight integration among courses and between course work and clinical work; (2) extensive and intensively supervised clinical work integrated with course work; and (3) close, proactive relationships with schools that serve diverse learning  effectively and develop and model good teaching” (p. 1).[1] Accordingly, the Office of Clinical and Field Experiences’ mission is to help facilitate this work. For more information on clinical preparation and the direction of teacher education, click on the following reports:

[1] AACTE. (2010). The clinical preparation of teachers: A policy brief. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

AACTE – The Clinical Preparation of Teachers: A Policy Brief

Teacher Candidates

Faculty members within the School of Education believe field experiences significantly contribute to the development of teacher candidates as educational professionals. Field experiences are required of all candidates seeking certification in teaching fields offered by Georgia Southwestern State University. Candidates are required to complete at a minimum, the equivalent of one full year of teaching by the conclusion of their degree program. This year of teaching includes field experiences completed prior to the student teaching experience.

Student Teachers

Partner School Network

The School of Education strongly believes that field experiences are essential elements in all preservice teacher education programs. Collaboration with area Partner School Network enables students to observe and participate in classrooms beginning with the foundations courses and continuing through the capstone field experience-Student Teaching. Georgia Southwestern State University's Partner School Network are located in the following counties: Ben-Hill, Crisp, Coffee, Houston, Irwin, Lee, Macon, Marion, Pulaski, Schley, Sumter, Tift, Turner, Webster, and Wilcox. The Partner School Network also includes the GSW Pre-K.