Welcome to School of Computing and Mathematics

Mission Statement

 The School of Computing & Mathematics is committed to strong, dynamic undergraduate and graduate programs in mathematics and computing, emphasizing knowledge that is relevant to educational, technological and business needs, offering students personalized and challenging experiences. The faculty committed to scholarship, creative work and community services. In addition, the School is dedicated to providing mathematics leaning support courses and computer applications courses for all University students. Its faculty serves as an advocate for the development and use of appropriate technologies across the campus, and in regional businesses, and industries. The school promotes an environment of collegiality and equal opportunity for all faculty, staff and students.

Office of the Dean


Dr . Boris Peltsverger, Dean
CWH Room: 100
Tel: (229) 931-2113
email: boris.peltsverger@gsw.edu


Monique Daniels, Assistant to the Dean
CWH Room: 100
Tel: (229) 931-2100
email: monique.daniels@gsw.edu