ErvinAnderson.jpg“Perpetuating what my mentors did for me"

 “ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY”                                                                                                        


My name is Ervin D. Anderson, Executive Director of the Georgia Southwestern State University African American Male Institute. I am also a Senior Lecturer of Mathematics in the School of Computing and Mathematics. The goals of the AAMI Program are to recruit, educate, retain, and graduate African American males at Georgia Southwestern State University. The program is designed to improve students academically, socially, and spiritually.


As you seek a post secondary degree, please keep in mind the dedication and discipline you need to employ to be successful. I would like to tell you that each and every student has the ability to succeed. All you have to do is commit yourself to your education. Make sure your goals contain going to classes, preparing for classes, and studying. Also, balance your academic responsibilities with your social responsibilities. Remember you must hold yourself responsible for all of your actions and your future. I know you can achieve your academic goals. AAMI exist to help you reach your academic, social, and leadership goals. When you find yourself falling short of the standards and rules of our institution, take advantage of the AAMI Program and all the wonderful programs offered to all GSW students to make sure you stay on track to graduate.


As a faculty member and alumni of Georgia Southwestern State University, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Hurricane family. Get involved in your institution and put forth your best effort academically and socially. I look forward to your commitment to our institution and your future graduation.  




Senior Lecturer/School of Computing and Mathematics                                                                        

Executive Director of the African American Male Institute

Georgia Southwestern State University      

800 GSSU Drive

Crawford Wheatley Hall Room 210

Americus, Georgia 31709