African American Male Institute


Executive Board and Staffs

AAMI seeks to enable students to discover their role in society by allowing them to achieve their full potential academically and to assume leadership roles on our campus and in our communities upon graduation. Founded in 2008 by Mr. Ervin D. Anderson, AAMI was designed to recruit, educate, retain and graduate African American males. The goals of AAMI promote a positive influence on the overall campus educational goals and growth. AAMI promotes positive individual self images and engage in mentorship collaborations, workshops, motivational speaking sessions, and cultural travel experiences.


AAMI stands firm in its commitment to increase the retention rate of all students, especially freshmen males, by creating an environment that nurtures the academic and social needs of our students. As part of our effort to create leaders of tomorrow, AAMI partners with our local high school to present workshops, meetings, and male dialogues with male students to promote higher education, our institution, and the process it takes to achieve a higher education. AAMI has sponsored Male Summits and Female Summits on our campus to enable our members to become a knowledgeable and educated contributing male in our society. AAMI also mentors the local Early College Program to advance the perception of African American males in our region.


AAMI provides mentoring to our members and attend conferences geared to the retention and academic achievement of African American males. AAMI members will continually be nurtured and supported in positive ways so that they will become successful leaders and contributors in our society. We will monitor closely the academic counseling and tutoring of our members to ensure adequate progress to graduation. AAMI will work vigorously to expand its scope and range on a continuous basis to ensure positive measurable outcomes.