GSW Junior Mathematics Tournament 2013


About 430 students from 16 different middle and elementary schools competed in the tournament.

Grade 8

First:                     Emily Mixon, Tattnall Square Academy

Second:                Pierce Dozier, Tattnall Square Academy

Third:                   Caroline Dunn, Tattnall Square Academy

Fourth:                 Michael Smith, Worth County Middle

Fifth:                    Melody Golden, Marion County Middle

Grade 7


First:                     Dalton Ford, Tattnall Square Academy

Second:                 Ozashwee Ghimire, Lee County Middle School

Third:                    Prerana Kumar, Sumter County Middle School

Fourth:                 Jeremy Green, Staley Middle School

Fifth:                     Hannah Elmore, Schley County Middle School

Grade 6

First:                      Wilfredo Veil, Marion County Middle School

Second:                Amiya Jackson, Randolph Clay Middle School

Third:                    James Welch, Marion County Middle School

Fourth:                 Kameron Johnson, Randolph Clay Middle School

Fifth:                     Julianne Moon, Marion County Middle School




Grade 5

First:                      Joy Charles, Sumter County Elementary School

Second:                 Tirth Patel, Southwestern Elementary School

Third:                    Manashwee Ghimire, Twin Oaks Elementary School

Fourth:                  Joshua Ballarapu, Sumter County Elementary School

Fifth:                     William Cross, Southwestern Elementary School


Grade 4

First:                      Donovan Shepard, Southwestern Elementary School

Second:                 Yash Barot, Southwestern Elementary School

Third:                    Logan Handerson, Southwestern Elementary School

Fourth:                  Devin Fico, LK Moss Elementary School

Fifth:                    Oliver Joseph, Sherwood Acres Elementary School


Grade 3

First:                      Melly Pollock, LK Moss Elementary School

Second:                 Nicholas Morrison-Schorr , LK Moss Elementary School

Third:                    Sadie Dumas, LK Moss Elementary Schooll

Fourth:                  Orentheil Williford, Sherwood Acres Elementary School

Fifth:                     Julya Nguyen, Sherwood Acres Elementary School