Faculty and Staff

ErvinAnderson.jpgErvin Andersoneda@gsw.edu 
Senior Lecturer - Mathematics 
Executive Director - AAMI and President -GADE 
B. S. Savannah State University 
M. Ed. Georgia Southwestern State University

Jan Boesten , jan.boesten@gsw.edu
Lecturer : Mathematics
Crawford Wheatley Hall, Room 220
(229) 931-2667
B.S. Mathematics, GSW
M.S Computer Science, GSW
Graduate Certificate in Mathematics, GSW

KailashGhimire.jpgKailash Ghimireghimire@gsw.edu 
Associate Professor - Mathematics 
Crawford Wheatley Hall, Room 206 
(229) 931-7350 
M.Sc., Tribhuvan University, Nepal 
M.Phil., Kathmandu University, Nepal 
Ph.D., Oregon State University
ChadwickGugg.jpgChadwick Guggcgugg@gsw.edu 
Assistant Professor - Mathematics 
Crawford Wheatley Hall, Room 205 
(229) 931-2358 
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
M.S., Oregon State University 
Ph.D.,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
DongwenQi.jpgDongwen Qiqi@gsw.edu 
Associate Professor  - Mathematics 
Crawford Wheatley Hall, Room 208 
(229) 931-7351 
B.S., M.S., Peking University 
Ph.D., Ohio State University
JohnJStroyls.jpgJohn J. Stroyls, jjs@gsw.edu
Associate Professor - Mathematics, Department Chair 
Crawford Wheatley Hall, Room 213 
(229) 931-2362 
A.B., West Virginia University 
Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo