Careers and Placement

Former Georgia Southwestern students who have completed degree programs offered by the Mathematics Department are presently pursuing careers in teaching, banking, business, computer science, industrial research, actuarial science, insurance, law, and civil service. The Department offers three undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Option in Industrial Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Certification, and a Master in Education/Secondary Mathematics. Recent program revisions have made all these programs stronger, so that our graduates are better prepared to compete in today's job market, or for positions in graduate schools.

Georgia Southwestern sponsors a number of career fairs and career placement assistance for its students. The School of Education's annual Job-O-Rama helps students find jobs in the public schools, teaching secondary mathematics, and the Career Placement Center has staff who set up job fairs for our students, keep them informed about internship opportunities, and even offers advice on writing that first resume and cover letter.

Please consult the links and publications listed below to learn more about current jobs and career opportunities in mathematics. 

Some Sites With Information on Careers in Mathematics

Some Publications With Information on Careers in Mathematics
NOTE: Both of the following books are available at the GSW Library.

  • Marla Parker, She Does Math! Real-Life Problems from Women on the Job, Mathematical Assoication of America, Washington, D.C., 1995.
  • Andrew Sterrett, 101 Careers in Mathematics, Mathematical Association of America, Washington, D.C., 1996.

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