About Department

General Information

The impact of the computers upon business and society has been phenomenal! One result of this continuing dynamic technological growth has been a significant demand for IT professionals. The use of computers has become indispensable in science, engineering, management, education and other professions. Many believe that the future information processing will become the nation’s largest industry and that its disciplines will be centrally important to society.

The faculty of the Department of Computer Science provide a diverse spectrum of expertise and experience. Students are therefore provided a unique blend of theory, current practice, and state-of-the-art technology.

Advisory Council

The Department of Computer Science has formed the Advisory Council which provides constructive feedback and suggestions on programs of study in computer science. The members of the council represent blend of industry practitioner and academicians. The council meets once every semester in the department. The members evaluate the programs in light of current industry needs in our region and beyond. They also make suggestions on how to assess programs, new initiatives, and activities that can involve students and faculties (such as internships, sponsored projects, field trips, so on..) to enrich the learning experience of students.

Advisory Council Members

Andrea Ingram
South Georgia Technical College
Americus, GA

Bill Bennett
Computer Business Services., Inc.
Americus, GA

Bill Hockensmith
Americus, GA

Mike Barnett 
Barnett Computers
Americus, GA

Royce Hackett
GSW-OIIT Department
Americus, GA

Robert Collins
NEOS Technologies
Americus, GA

John Morrow
Americus, GA

Gene Behal
Darton College
Albany, GA

Nelson McCray
Barnett Computers
Americus, GA

Ross Youngdale
Phoebe Sumter Medical Center
Americus, GA