You have registered for one or more online classes taught through the School of Business during the approaching term that will include up to three proctored tests.  During Spring 2013 semester the School of Business began phasing in proctored examinations in its online courses. We are doing this for a variety of reasons, including increased pressure from the Federal Department of Education to verify identities of online students, and to increase opportunities for academic integrity.

We looked at several alternative ways of instituting this change and decided to use an online proctoring service. While this will represent a cost for you, our research indicated that it would be preferable to limiting the times you could take the exam to times when official testing sites are open, as well as being less expensive than most of the testing sites.  ProctorU was chosen by the School of Business because of their flexibility and ability to meet the demands of our students.  Services are provided 24/7 and they are able to help with technical problems during testing.  Technical requirements must be met to ensure a positive testing experience.  Please go to for details and be sure to test out your equipment prior to testing at the location for your test at

You should click here to read information to help prepare you for the exam taken through ProctorU.  The syllabus for your class(es) will give you information concerning the testing period and materials allowed during testing.

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