Center for Business and Economic Development

When it comes to small business and entrepreneurship, there is not one set of directions for success. The Center for Business and Economic Development (CBED) at Georgia Southwestern State University, housed in the School of Business Administration, is here to assist in developing an individual road map for success.  The CBED provides support services to existing and potential business, economic development agencies, and local governments who are in the area served by Georgia Southwestern.  These services and assistance include conducting and dissemination of business and economic research, consulting services, training and development of staff, workforce, and management.

Activities of the CBED are undertaken by faculty of the School of Business Administration, Center staff, and students working under faculty guidance and supervision.  These activities provide students with experience beyond the classroom and create an opportunity for the professional and technical capabilities resident in the university to be made available to the larger community.

A key goal is to provide assistance close to where you live. Help can be as simple as answering a question about compliance over the phone or as comprehensive as having several one-on-one meetings with a counselor to turn your idea into a profitable business. Many of the services are free, and all are aimed at helping you either start a small business or improve your current one.


The GSW CBED consulting programs provide one-on-one services to business start-ups and existing businesses focusing on feasibility studies, market research, surveys, business plan development, loan packaging, operational assistance, procurement assistance, manufacturing, management, problem solving, and information technology.

One-on-One Consulting covers areas such as:

  • Business expansion

  • Starting a Business

  • Feasibility analysis and studies

  • Advertising/sales

  • Financial analysis

  • Loan packaging

  • Record Keeping systems

  • Exit planning

  • E-commerce

  • Website development and analysis

Make the choice to call on GSW CBED. It's an investment that's well worth your time and could put you on a path to greater success than you ever thought possible.


Meet the Director

Gaynor Cheokas

Dr. Gaynor Cheokas

School of Business Administration

Office: Business 212

Phone: 229-931-2726