Our Mission

The Geology and Physics Department at Georgia Southwestern State University is dedicated to providing the finest possible educational experiences for students of Georgia Southwestern  in the areas of Earth and Physical Sciences.  Towards that end, we shall:

a.   Serve the overall Mission of the University by providing quality instruction for all students in the areas of Geology, Physics and Astronomy;

b.   Provide required introductory, upper-level and graduate classes for students pursuing teacher certification through the GSW School of Education;

c.    Instill in our Majors and Non-majors a fascination with and dedication to lifelong learning about the Earth by providing a thorough background in Earth materials, processes and history;

d.    Integrate coursework training with up-to-date analytical techniques, field experiences and research projects throughout the program to provide our Majors with the experiential background needed for successful graduate education and careers in the natural and physical sciences;

e.    Provide quality advisement and instruction in the fundamentals of physics for students in the Engineering Dual Degree Program; and

f.      Provide additional service to the University, community, local schools and the public through various outreach programs.