Faculty & Staff


Burt Carter

Professor - Paleontology / Paleoecology
Ph.D. - West Virginia University;
A.B. - West Georgia College
Office: Science Bldg 203
Phone: 931-2325

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Svilen Kostovn

Associate Professor - Physics /
Engineering Dual Degree Prog. 

Ph.D. - City Univ. New York;
M.S. - Univ. of Sofia, Bulgaria;
B.S. - Hunter College CUNY
Office: Science Bldg 114
Phone: 931-2321


 Svilen Kostov, Ph. D.

Sam Peavy

Professor - Geophysics / Environmental Geology
Ph.D. - Virginia Tech; 
M.S. - Memorial U. of Newfoundland; 
B.S. - McNeese State University
Office: Roney Bldg 206 
Phone: 931-2330 speavy@gsw.edu

GSW Seismic Station
Geophysics Field Trip, Spring 2001
GSW Seismic Experiment, Fall 2001


Research Interests:

  • 2-, 3- and 4-D resistivity data collection, modeling, and interpretation.
  • 3-D gravity and magnetic modeling; density and susceptibility boundary evaluation using potential field attribute analysis; constraining potential field sources using pseudomagnetic fields; 3-D inversion of gravity and magnetic data.
  • The f-tau transformation in the processing and interpretation of vibroseis reflection data; applications of f-tau processing to well-log interpretation and regional correlation.
  • Dip projection of seismic reflection data in order to enhance interpretation and migration of crooked-line data.
  • The proper migration of deep crustal reflection data.
  • Investigation of the large-scale crustal structures by integrating reprocessed seismic reflection data, geologic, well, and potential fields information.

Tom Weiland

Professor - Igneous Petrology /Structure / GIS
Ph.D./M.S. - Univ. of North Carolina
B.S. - East Carolina University
Office: Roney Bldg 212 
Phone: 931-2327

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Debbie Standridge
Senior Admin. Secretary

Office: Science/Math Bldg 111 
Phone: 931-2353 

Emeritus Faculty

Bud Cofer

Emeritus Professor - Mineralogy/Environmental Geology
Ph.D. - University of Illinois 
M.S./A.B. - Emory University