Pre-Engineering at Georgia Southwestern

Dual Degree Program in Engineering

Georgia Southwestern State University and Georgia Institute of Technology offer a dual degree program that results in students who complete either a BS in Civil Engineering or a BS in Mechanical Engineering receiving a BS in Mathematics from GSW. The dual degree student enrolls at Georgia Southwestern State University for approximately three years and then applies as a transfer student to Georgia Tech. Upon acceptance to Georgia Tech, the student then enrolls there for approximately two years. When all degree requirements for either civil or mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech have been met, all degree requirements in mathematics at GSW will be met and a student will earn bachelor degrees from both Georgia Southwestern and Georgia Tech. If a student who begins at GSW completes a degree in an engineering discipline other than civil or mechanical engineering, that student will not receive a degree from GSW.

Regents’ Engineering Transfer Program (RETP)

Georgia Southwestern State University offers qualified students the opportunity to transfer to an engineering program of their choice at Georgia Tech through the Regents’ Engineering Transfer Program (RETP). In the RETP, students enroll for their first two years of course work at Georgia Southwestern, where they are able to complete all of the mathematics and science courses, as well as some of the engineering courses, required in the first two years of the Georgia Tech curriculum. Students who successfully complete the RETP requirements at GSW are automatically accepted as transfer students to Georgia Tech and are able to continue their work toward completion of a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

For More Information, contact Dr. Svilen Kostov in the Department of Geology & Physics

(Office: Science Bldg 114, Phone: 229-931-2321)