Geophysics Field Trip 2001

Gravity & Magnetic Survey near Thomaston, Georgia

 1. The survey begins with some readings at the gravity base station in Thomaston. Carina is reading the gravimeter while Brian prepares to write down the results.This used to be the old train station, but is now a garden center.
 2. Close-up of base station and instruments. Barometric altimeter on left, Worden gravimeter on right.
3. Planning our route out of town and out to the field area.
4. On our way to the field area, we spot some wildlife.
5. Just outside of Woodbury, a car fire! Oops, we turned the wrong way.Back to the survey...
6. Getting the magnetometer ready for use. Brian is almost set!
7.Brian gets his magnetic readings as Carina attempts to read the gravimeter at the first station.
8. Trouble! The gravimeter seems to be malfunctioning. While I try to help out, Brian finds more rocks to take home with him!
9. At a later station. Brian, Carina and Dale are taking GPS and magnetic readings. Gravimeter is dead and Brian is still looking at rocks.
10. Back at Station 1 to get final readings. An OK day in spite of equipment malfunctions. Time for lunch ...
11 ... but no armadillo, please! Thanks to Carina O'Bara, Dale Godfrey and Brian Veal for a fun day in the field.