Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in English

The Bachelor of Arts in English is a literature intensive program that allows considerable flexibility for students to choose their major classes. Additionally, students have free elective hours and a minor built into the degree requirements, a benefit for those who want the freedom to tailor their education to varied interests or professional goals. The curriculum easily allows for students to complete a certificate program to complement their major interests. This degree, as do all English programs, requires two classes of a modern language at an intermediate level.

Selected Educational Objectives

  1. Write for a variety of audiences while demonstrating writing proficiency and fluency in various contexts;
  2. Effectively communicate orally for a variety of audiences and purposes;
  3. Demonstrate an awareness of literary, rhetorical and linguistic approaches to the field.

Examples of Outcome Assessments

  1. Faculty will assess student's portfolios that span work completed while in the program.
  2. Faculty will assess senior research projects for both written and oral proficiency.