Core Classes

Engl 1101

Composition I.

A composition course focusing on skills required for effective writing in a variety of contexts, with an emphasis on writing improvement. The course also seeks to strengthen critical thinking skills and the ability to read with understanding. (3-0-3)

Engl 1102

Composition II.

A composition course that develops writing skills beyond the levels of proficiency required by ENGL 1101, that emphasizes interpretation and evaluation, and that incorporates a variety of more advanced research methods. A minimum grade of C is required. (3-0-3) Prerequisites: ENGL 1101 Minimum Grade: C or ENG 101 Minimum Grade: C or ENGL 1101H Minimum Grade: C

Engl 2000-Level Literature Courses

ENGL 2110 World Literature
ENGL 2120 British Literature
ENGL 2130 American Literature

Professional Writing Courses

       ENGL 2200: Introduction to Professional Writing

          ENGL 2210: Issues in Tutoring Writing

Modern Languages Courses


      SPAN 1001: Elementary Spanish I

      SPAN 1002: Elementary Spanish II

         SPAN 2001: Intermediate Spanish I
         SPAN 2002: Intermediate Spanish II


         CHIN 1001: Elementary Chinese I
         CHIN 1002: Elementary Chinese II

         CHIN 2001: Intermediate Chinese I

         CHIN 2002: Intermediate Chinese II