Undergraduate Degrees


Areas of StudyB.A.B.F.A.B.S.B.S.N.B.B.A.B.S.Ed.
Accounting    x 
Biology  x   
Chemistry  x   
Computer Science  x   
Dramatic Artsx     
Early Childhood Education     x
English with Teacher Certificationx     
Exercise Science/Wellness     x
Geology  x   
Georgia WebBSIT  x   
Health & Physical Education     x
History with Teacher Certificationx 
Human Resource Management    x 
Information Systems Technology  x   
Management    x 
Management w/ Natural Resource Management Option    x 
Management w/Professional Golf Management Option    x 
Marketing    x 
Mathematics  x   
Mathematics w/ Industrial Mathematics Option  x   
Mathematics with Teacher Certification  x   
Middle Grades Education     x
Music with Teacher Certificationx     
Nursing   x  
Political Science  x   
Psychologyx x   
Recreation     x
Sociology  x   
Special Education     x

Georgia Southwestern State University also offers the Master of Education, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Arts in English/Critical Literacy, and the Specialist in Education degree. A Bachelor of Science dual degree program in cooperation with Georgia Institute of Technology is also available.

Certificate programs are offered in the following areas: Criminal Justice, European Union Studies, Global Studies, Information Technology, Web Design, Caregiving, and Women's Studies.

*Students wishing to pursue teacher certification at the secondary level should meet with the advisor in their discipline to discuss the appropriate curriculum requirements.

Undergraduate and Graduate Course Descriptions

The descriptions of the courses offered by each school and department follow the information section and listing of degree programs for each school and department.  Numbers following the description of the course indicate the number of weekly class hours, the number of weekly laboratory, practicum, or other type of required contact hours, and the credit-hour value of the course expressed in semester hours.  For example, (3-2-3) following the course description means three class hours, two other hours, and three semester hours of credit.