Simon S. Baev (2009-2010)Assistant Professor, Computer Science
BS, MS, South Ural State University; MS, PhD, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Ian M. Brown (2007-2012)Assistant Professor, Biology
BS, PhD, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
Queen H. Brown (2008-2013)Assistant Professor, Middle Grades
BS,MEd, Georgia Southwestern State University; EdS, Albany State University; EdD, Georgia Southern University
Sandra D. Daniel (2009-2010)Professor and Dean, School of Nursing
BSN, Georgia Southwestern College; MSN, Valdosta State College; PhD, Medical College of Georgia
Bryan P. Davis (2007-2012)Assistant Dean for Assessment, Curriculum and Special Projects, and Professor, English
BA, University of Dayton; MA, Wright State University; PhD, Ohio State University
Julia J. Dorminey (2008-2013)Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education
BS, MS, EdS, Valdosta State College; PhD, Florida State University
Leisa R. Easom (2009-2010)Department Chair and Professor, Nursing, RCI Eminent Scholar
BSN, MSN, Valdosta State University; PhD, Medical College of Georgia
Margaret A. Ellington (2007-2012)Department Chair and Associate Professor, English and Modern Languages
BS, Weber State University; MS, PhD, Utah State University
McLowery Elrod (2009-2010) 
M. Michael Fathi (2007-2012)Professor, Technology Management
BS, University of Jundi; MBA, University of Baltimore; DBA, Nova Southeastern University
David L. Garrison (2007-2012)Professor of English and Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
BA, Appalachian State University; MA, Baylor University; PhD, University of Minnesota
Jeffrey Green (2009-2010)Department Chair and Professor, Dramatic Arts
BS, MFA, Ohio University
Richard C. Hall (2007-2012)Professor of History
BA, Vanderbilt University; MA, PhD, Ohio State University
Stephanie G. Harvey (2009-2010)Assistant Professor, Biology
BA, Wesleyan College; MS, Georgia College and State University, Ph.D., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Greg M. Hawver (2007-2012)Professor and Department Chair, Middle Grades and Secondary Education, Health and Human Performance
BSE, Georgia Southern University; MEd, Georgia Southwestern College; EdD, University of Mississippi
Robert E. Herrington (2009-2010)Department Chair and Professor, Biology
BA, University of Evansville; MS, Georgia College; PhD, Washington State University
Curtis C. Howell (2006-2011)Associate Professor, Accounting
BS, MAS, EdD, Northern Illinois University
Charles M. Huffman (2009-2010)Associate Professor, Psychology
BA, Buena Vista College; MS, Emporia State University; PhD, University of Southern Mississippi
Nedialka I. Iordanova (2009-2010)Associate Professor, Chemistry
MS, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski; PhD, Pennsylvania State University
John G. Kooti (2007-2012)Professor and Dean, Business Administration
MS, PhD, Michigan State University
Elizabeth A. Kuipers (2007-2012)Associate Professor, English
B.A., Wesleyan College; M.A., Ph.D., Auburn
Eric M. Laughlin (2009-2010)Assistant Professor, Music
BM, University of North Alabama; MM, University of Memphis; DMA, University of South Carolina
Jamie I. MacLennan (2009-2010)Assistant Professor, Sociology
MA, PhD, Rutgers State University at New Brunswick
Cecilia M. Maldonado (2009-2014)Assistant Professor, Marketing
BS, Tecnologico de Monterrey; MS, Texas A & M; PhD, University of Texas, Pan American
J. YeVette McWhorter (2007-2012)Department Chair and Professor, Reading
BS, Austin Peay State University; MA, University of New Mexico; EdD, University of Georgia
Samuel T. Peavy (2007-2012)Department Chair and Associate Professor, Geology
B.S., McNeese State University; M.Sc., Memorial University of Newfoundland; Ph.D., Virginia Tech
Boris V. Peltsverger (2007-2012)Professor and Dean, Computing and Mathematics
 M.S.E.E., Ph.D., Chelyabinsk State Technical University
Arvind C. Shah (2007-2012)Department Chair and Professor, Computer Science
 M.S., Ph.D., University of Georgia
Michele L. Smith (2009-2010)Associate Professor and Chair, Chemistry
BS, Wilson College; PhD, Auburn University
Judith W. Spann (2007-2012)Assistant Dean for Accreditation and Professor, Special Education
BS, MEd, West Georgia College; PhD, Florida State University
Gabriele U. Stauf (2007-2012)Professor, English
BS, Texas Lutheran College; MA, Southwest Texas State University; PhD, Florida State University
John S. Stovall (2008-2013)Assistant Professor, Marketing
BS, MBA, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
John J. Stroyls (2009-2014)Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics
AB, West Virginia University; PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo
Philip I. Szmedra (2008-2013)Associate Professor, Economics
BA, Pennsylvania State University; MS, PhD, University of Georgia
Anh-Hue Thi Tu (2009-2010)Associate Professor, Biology
AA, Jefferson State Community College; BS, Baylor University; PhD, Texas A & M Health Science Center
Dawn B. Valentine (2008-2013)Associate Professor, Marketing
BS, University of North Alabama; MS, University of Alabama at Huntsville; PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Randall C. Valentine (2008-2013)Assistant Professor, Finance
BS, Arkansas State University; MS, Mississippi State University, Ph.D, Mississippi State University
Milton Jeffrey Waldrop (2007-2012)Associate Professor, English
BA, MA, Florida State University; PhD, University of Mississippi
Lettie J. Watford (2007-2012)Dean of the School of Education and Associate Professor, Middle Grades and Secondary Education
BA, Tift College; MEd, Georgia Southwestern College; EdS, PhD, University of Georgia
Thomas J. Weiland (2007-2012)Professor, Geology
BS, East Carolina University; MS, PhD, University of North Carolina
Mary E. Wilson (2007-2012)Professor, Human Resources and Management
BA, MA, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa; PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham
J. Thomas Wright (2009-2010)Professor/Russell &Margaret Thomas Chair, Biology
BS, Columbus College; PhD, Emory University
Chu Chu Wu (2008-2013)Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education
BA, Fu-Jen Catholic University; MS, Iowa State University; PhD, Syracuse University
Feng Xu (2009-2010)Assistant Professor, Management
BEcon, Sichuan University, China; MS, South Dakota State University; MBA, PhD, The George Washington University
Chin-Wen Yang (2009-2010)Assistant Professor, Special Education
BCom, University of Southern Queensland; Med, University of Missouri-Saint Louis; PhD, Saint Louis University
Aleksandr M. Yemelyanov (2007-2012)Professor, Computer and Information Sciences
MS, Moscow State University; DSc, Supreme Certification Board under the Council of Ministers of the USSR; PhD, Computing Center under the Academy of Science of the USSR