Areas of Study

Master of Business Administration

Master in Education

Master of Science

Specialist in Education

Business AdministrationX   
Computer Science  X 
Early Childhood Education X X
Middle Grades Education X X
Reading X  
Secondary Education Biology X  
Secondary Education Chemistry X  
Secondary Education English X  
Secondary Health and Physical Education X  
Secondary Education History X  
Secondary Education Math X  
Secondary Education Science X  
Secondary Education Social Science X  
Special Education Behavior Disorders X  
Special Education Intellectual Disabilities X  
Special Education Learning Disabilities X  

Graduate course descriptions

The descriptions of the courses offered by each school and department follow the information section and listing of degree programs for each school and department.  Numbers following the description of the course indicate the number of weekly class hours, the number of weekly laboratory or practicum hours, and the credit-hour value of the course expressed in semester hours.  For example, (3-2-3) following the course description means three class hours, two laboratory or practicum hours, and three semester hours of credit.  A "V" in the lab/practicum position indicates that the number of required hours for the course varies according to the individual situation.