Business Administration


Dean: Kooti

Faculty: Belk, Fathi, Henley, Howell, Kooti, Madden, Morris, WilsonHeshizer, Talukdar, Grimes, Stanfield.

The School of Business Administration is in its second year of Candidacy for accreditation by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB International is located at 600 Emerson Road, Suite 300, St. Louis, MO. 63141-6762 USA, telephone number 314-872-8481, and fax number 314-872-8495.

The School of Business Administration has initial accreditation from the International Association of Collegiate Business Education, PO Box 25217, Overland Park, KS 66225, USA, telephone number is: 913-631-3009, the fax number is: 913-613-9154. The School of Business Administration is also a member of the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The Association is located at 7007 College Boulevard, Suite 420, Overland, KS 66211, USA, telephone number 913-339-9356, and fax number 913-339-6226.

The School of Business offers the Master of Science in Administration (MSA) with concentrations in Management and Accounting; and the bachelor degree programs in Accounting, Management, Management with concentration in Human Resource Management, Marketing, and the Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management.

The Master of Business Administration degree program is designed to prepare future business leaders for the constantly changing world marketplace by developing their critical thinking, management and leadership skills and the global perspectives necessary for success. Applications are being accepted for the Spring 2003 semester.

The Master of Science in Administration-Accounting Option is designed to provide additional and more advanced skills in this specialized area for those with an undergraduate degree in accounting or to provide both basic and advanced accounting skills for those graduates of other disciplines who wish to enter the accounting profession. No new applicants will be accepted to this program beginning Fall 2002.

The Master of Science in Administration-Management Option is designed to help managers improve their performance. Others with non-business undergraduate experience may use this program to obtain a concentrated overview of business practice and theory. No new applicants will be accepted to this program beginning Fall 2002.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting is designed to prepare students for the numerous types of positions available in the accounting field. The program emphasizes the broad-based learning that is required to be successful in this field. The Accounting program includes course requirements to qualify for the CPA examination.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management has been designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for successful entry into management positions. The program prepares students to enter into careers such as health and safety administration, recruiting and training.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Management is designed to give students objective knowledge and skills development in the major functional areas of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The Management concentration allows the graduate flexibility in career opportunities, and is an excellent choice for the individual who may want to start his or her own business.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing is designed to stress the importance of creating and maintaining successful relationships with customers. Upon completion of this program, the students will be prepared to begin careers in sales, advertising, planning or self-employment.

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Technology Management is a unique program designed to prepare students for the effective management of technologies by combining courses from business and computer information science. The program intends to prepare technology entry level and mid-level managers within industry and government organizations. The program incorporates academic and applied state-of-the-art orientations by utilizing resources from the School of Business Administration and the School of Computer and Information Sciences.

  • Coursework taken in two-year college technical programs is generally non-transferable. Technical courses may be considered as a component of a portfolio by the Prior Learning Portfolio Committee.
  • Students requesting credit for prior learning experiences in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management must submit the following documents to the BAS in Technology Management Advisor for consideration:
  • 1. A narrative explaining how prior learning is related to technology management. The narrative must describe relative experience and evidence identifying the learning the student acquired and how the learning can be used to solve problems or generalized for use in other situations.
    • 2. Documentation that the student has actually acquired the learning related to technology.
      • 3. Documentation to show that the prior learning experience is equivalent to the number of credit hours requested.
      • Coursework taken at two-year Technical Colleges which are accredited through the Commission on Colleges will be considered in transfer if the course numbering is 190 or above. Technical Colleges accredited through an agency other than the Commission on Colleges will not be accepted in transfer, regardless of the course numbering.

      The School of Business Administration offers the BBA degree program in Accounting and Management on the campus of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC).


      The Center for Business and Economic Development is the umbrella organization for all outreach and service activities in the School of Business Administration. The Center conducts data collection and dissemination activities; performs applied research; provides technical support for business, government and economic development organizations; conducts seminars and short courses; and publishes reports and commentaries. The Center coordinates Georgia Southwestern State University's participation in Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE). SIFE is a national, college-based organization in which students develop and carry out projects and programs to enhance knowledge and understanding of the free enterprise system on the university campus, in area schools, and among the general population. The Center also houses and provides administrative and technical support for the Georgia Main Street Program of the Department of Industry, Trade, and Tourism.



      The undergraduate program of the School of Business Administration is divided into lower and upper division units of study. Freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students who are admitted to the University to pursue the BBA degree are assigned to the lower unit (Pre-business) and are advised by faculty of the School. Upon completion of the general education portion (Area A through E) of the Core curriculum and the business preparation portion (Area F), business students "declare" a major field of study and are transferred to that curriculum. Students admitted into a specific major are advised by faculty in that subject area.

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      Click HERE for Curriculum Sheet and Requirements.


      BAS and BBA degree programs do not have minor fields of study. Minor fields of study in Business Administration may be pursued by students in other degree programs. Business Administration minors are available in accounting, management, human resource management, and marketing.

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