The ELI offers full time intensive classes for students or professionals who wish to develop their English proficiency. Many students who come for this purpose will continue their studies at GSW or other universities in the U.S.

Time required 
Depending upon on the student's goals, abilities, and study habits, it may take from one semester to two years.

Before classes begin each semester, the ELI has an orientation. The students learn about the academic program, take placement exams, set up bank accounts, and register for classes. They are also oriented to campus life and the local community.

Advising & Counseling 
The ELI provides academic and general counseling for all students, including assistance with college and university admission.

Classes are small, with about 6-12 students per class. During fall and spring semesters, classes are four or five hours per day, five days a week. Students are expected to spend additional time in preparation for the next day's classes. Summer semester is more intense with students spending 7-8 hours a day in class, five days a week.

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Students are assigned to a curriculum level on the basis of placement tests at the beginning of each semester.

English grammar is taught and practiced through a variety of communicative and functional activities.

Communicative activities help students to improve comprehension and expression of spoken English and to reinforce vocabulary and pronunciation.  

Students learn and practice techniques which help them develop the writing skills necessary for academic classes.

Courses focus on building vocabulary, reading, and study skills with materials appropriate to each level.

TOEFL Preparation
All ELI courses are structured to help prepare students to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). In addition, there are TOEFL prep courses available.

Additional Courses

A variety of other courses are offered each semester. These courses include Conversation, Idioms, Lab, and Orientation.

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American Culture
Understanding American culture and preparation for academic achievement will be integrated into the classroom work.

Computer Lab
In addition to regular classes, students can also study English through the use of the Computer Lab.

Certificates are awarded for attendance and achievement. The ELI offers a standard and an advanced completion certificate to qualified students.

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II. Short-term English Programs

For qualified students, the ELI offers the option of joining regular ELI courses on a short-term basis. Students are able to join these courses for lengths of up to half a semester. For more information about this option, please contact the ELI.