What is STEM at GSW?

STEM Focus:  The world today is becoming more and more technical, but the number of technical, science-oriented, majors has been steadily decreasing in recent years.  Opportunities in STEM fields abound, yet some must go unfulfilled.  It is time now to turn things around.  The latest teaching techniques have made studying and learning in these fields fun, exciting, and easier to grasp.  Gone are the days of memorizing seemingly unrelated principles and facts.  Welcome are the days of natural inquiry and developmental approaches that allow for concrete experiences and foster quicker learning and longer retention.

STEM Goals:  The aim of the STEM initiative at GSW is to increase enrollment and success in STEM courses and to increase the number of these majors and graduates.  This extends beyond the campus boundaries to area feeder schools by working with students and teachers to build interest, confidence, and expertise in STEM learning, several years before students enroll in college.

STEM Commitment:  GSW is committed to ramping up the emphasis in STEM teaching and learning for the betterment of the students and the world in which we live.

STEM Location:  STEM offices are located in Science 108.

STEM Advocate:  Dr. M. Elizabeth Gurnack SCI 108, stem@gsw.edu  229. 931.2356