STEM Activities

Academy for Future Teachers

From June 23 through June 30, we will host an all-day workshop for future teachers in STEM fields. Qualified rising high school juniors and seniors from southwest Georgia are invited to participate in this learning experience.  A limited number of applicants will be accepted based upon high school grades, letters of recommendation and activities/service/honors. Application forms and requirements and forms can be accessed from the following link:

Apply to AFT

On-campus science/math tutoring:  A science/math tutoring lab is organized to assist freshmen with their introductory courses.  Upper-division GSW students staff the lab.  Currently tutoring is provided in math and science in Science 123/124.  As need is identified, additional tutors will be added in other science areas.

Science Competition:  Plans have been made to hold a science competition in April of 2009.  Area schools have been invited to our campus to compete on a written exam, participate in science and math labs and act out a version of the popular board game: Robo Rally.

Workshops, Training and Off-campus Visitations:  Efforts are underway to begin working with area teachers and their classes to enhance interest and proficiency in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  In order to increase excitement and performance in STEM fields in our area, a combined and cooperative program will be developed to create effective and long-lasting improvements and mastery of these vital disciplines.