Q:  Why meet with a Writing Center Consultant?
Meeting with a consultant is a good idea whether you struggle with writing or consider yourself a strong writer. Writing Center Consultants are trained to be attentive readers who can review your paper and help make it stronger. They assist with all aspects of the writing process including brainstorming, developing thesis statements, drafting and organizing, and even revising. In addition, consultants can also help with grammar and style techniques. Overall, we believe visiting the Writer Center will be beneficial to every student, no matter what type of writer they consider themselves or where they are at in the writing process.

Q:  How does a tutoring session work?
During a tutoring session, we will first go over the assignment with you based on any rubrics or syllabi that you bring with you. Then we will discuss what you want to focus on, whether it is coming up with a topic or revising your paper. We will discuss any questions you have and help you develop strategies to improve your paper and overall writing skills.

Q:  Why can’t you just fix my paper for me?
Our mission is to consult with you in the writing process, not edit your paper for you. We will walk you through each of the step of the writing process, but we cannot fix all of your mistakes for you.

Q:  What do I need to bring to my session?
For each session a student will need:

  • A rubric or class syllabus explaining the assignment
  • Any class notes having to do with the assignment
  • A draft of the paper, or notes and brainstorming ideas, if the student has them

Q:  Can you tell me what grade I will get on my paper?
We cannot tell you what grade you will make on your paper. We cannot be sure of how your professor will grade your work. Our job is simply to assist you through the writing process in order to help you come up with the strongest paper possible.
Q: Can I get help on an essay exam?
We cannot help you with essay exams, or “take home essays,” unless we have written permission from your professor. You may bring a signed note to the session or the professor can leave permission with the Director, Dr. Lauren DiPaula.