SSS Evaluation

Student Support Services Evaluation


1. Rate the Student Support Services staff.

2. Overall, how satisfied were you with the assistance you received?

3. How important has your work with SSS been in helping you remain enrolled and successful at GSW?

Please rate the following components of the SSS program using the scale below.

a. Tutoring

b. Academic Advising

c. Financial Aid

d. Career Counseling

e. Personal Counseling

f. Technology Support

g. SSS workshops

h. Counselor Relationship

i. Cultural Activities

j. Website

k. Assistance Received

l. Other (please list):

4. How might SSS improve? Please explain so we can better meet the needs of participants!

Using the scale, please rate your satisfaction with services received.

As a result of working with my SSS counselor:

A. I improved my study skills

B. I improved time management skills

C. I improved self confidence

D. I was able to make good choices in course selection

E. I received referrals to other campus services

F. I received tutoring timely

G. I received advocacy

H. I received personal support

I. I received academic counseling

J. I received graduate school counseling