TRiO/Student Support Services Goals and Description

National Student Support Services programs are federally funded and developed to:

  • Increase college/university retention and graduation rates for eligible students
  • Foster within the college/university a climate that embraces the matriculation of low wealth, first-generation; and students with documented disabilities
  • Increase the transfer rate of eligible students from two-year to four-year institutions

Program Description

The GSW TRiO/Student Support Services program delivers academic, financial literacy, and cultural support to eligible students.  The services include study skills development, peer tutoring, academic planning, financial aid literacy advising, and cultural experiences.  The facilities include staff offices, two tutorial classrooms, computer lab, and conference/training room located on the first floor of Collum Hall. The program is approved as a College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) international tutor training site in collaboration with GSW's Academic Resource Center.                   

Our goals are to:

  • Maintain one hundred and fifty-five eligible students on an annual basis
  • Retain and graduate eligible students through GSW's TRiO/Student Support Services program annually
  • Create a supportive environment necessary for eligible students to achieve academically, culturally, and personally
  • Be a contributing university partner