What is Student Support Services?

A federally funded program designed to

  • Increase college retention and graduation rates for eligible students
  • Foster an institutional climate supportive of the success of low-income, first generation, and students with disabilities
  • Increase the transfer rate of eligible students from two-year to four-year institutions

What are the qualifications for becoming a participant of Student Support Services?

In order to be a participant, student must be an undergraduate student at Georgia Southwestern State University, a US Citizen, have an academic need, and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • First generation college student (neither parent has a bachelor's degree)
  • Income eligible according to US Department of Education
  • Documented disability

What services are offered?

  • Tutoring, Cultural Trips, Academic Workshops, Academic and Career Guidance

Is Student Support Services tutoring available to any GSW students and at what cost?

  • No, you must be a participant of Student Support Services in order to receive free tutorial services.

Who qualifies for Student Support Services Supplemental Funds?

  • Active participants of SSS who are also Pell recipients

Can Student Support Services purchase textbooks?

  • No, the purchase of books is considered to be a stipend which is an unallowable cost per Department of Education.

Can any student access the SSS computer lab?

  • No, you must be an active participant of SSS to use the computer lab or be employed by SSS.

Can anyone attend Student Support Services cultural trips?

  • No, you must be a participant of Student Support Services.

Can I be in SSS if I do not have a disability?

  • Yes, SSS welcomes and encourages all students to apply.

Does it cost to be a participant in SSS?

  • No, all of the services offered from SSS are free to the student including our cultural trips and tutorial services.

Do I have to be a freshman in order to apply for SSS?

  • No, SSS welcomes all undergraduate students to apply, which include nontraditional students.

Can I request tutoring for an online course or a course taken at another institution?

  • No, SSS does not provide tutoring for online courses or from courses taken at another institution.

If I was in ETS, Upward Bound, or an EOC program, am I eligible for SSS?

  • Yes! All programs are funded by the same entity and serve the same type of population but at different levels of their academic career. If you were a member of any of the above listed programs, we highly encourage you to sign up for SSS today in order to continue your TRiO experience.