Current TRiO SSS Students

Current TRiO SSS Students     

The purpose of GSW’s TRiO SSS program is to provide support to you throughout your college career.  This means that SSS can only be successful with a full commitment from you. 

As a current TRiO SSS participant, you are expected to:                          

  • Attend class as set forth by the institution
  • Meet with your counselor at least twice a semester
  • Attend at least two cultural activities with or without the Student Support Services program
  • Attend at least two academic workshops each semester sponsored by the institution or Student Support Services
  • Participate in individual testing if requested to determine cultural, vocational, educational, and personal needs

Cultural Trips:

  • Participants in TRiO SSS have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities designed to complement their education and broaden their exposure to a diverse world of experiences. These cultural events are offered at no cost to the students. Cultural trips include plays, concerts, visits to museums, historical site visits, and other places of interests. While participating in these outings, students learn about other cultures and gain a deeper appreciation for their own. As an additional benefit, the events provide an occasion to build relationships with other students. This sense of community plays an important role in maintaining the motivation to reach educational goals.

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