Honor Program

UHP Mission Statement

The GSW University Honors Program, founded in 1999, is designed for motivated and academically accomplished students. The program seeks to enrich the studies and overall undergraduate experience of its students by offering close access to the best scholars and teachers on campus. These students live together in a dorm setting that emphasizes the importance of their academics; they dine together regularly with faculty; and they are treated to cultural performances and exhibits, as well as academic conferences that foster their intellectual and cultural growth while at GSW. These experiences allow Honors students the opportunity to make great advancement toward their careers and lifelong enrichment. The students of this program are esteemed for the honor code by which they study and live, and their honorable pursuit of the best and most rigorous that the University has to offer. Upon graduation, the diploma of the University Honors Program student reads: “Honors Scholar.”

UHP Motto

Non scholae, sed vitae discimus (We do not learn for school, but for life!)