The Honors Advantage


Honors students are the academic elite at Georgia Southwestern State University. They receive priority housing on a floor that is dedicated to maintaining good study habits and close camaraderie.

Priority Registration:

Honors students also register for classes before the majority of the student body, assuring that they have the opportunity to get into the classes they need to excel in their major.

Enriched Classroom Experiences:

Great care is taken to maintain a close connection between the faculty and the Honor students. These students have the opportunity for enriched courses across the core and within their major; working closely with the faculty to deepen the understanding of the material and perhaps explore new directions within the field and outside the normal scope of the course.


The Honors students take part in various cultural and educational experiences including trips to the Georgia Collegial Honors Council meeting. Honors students may also ask for assistance and support for study abroad and other enriching experiences.


Honors students graduating from the University Honors Program will receive a special distinction on their diploma of “Honors Scholar”. This designation will remain a lifelong mark of excellence that will demand attention and enhance any resume.