Policies and Procedures

  1. Appointments are required for all tests.
  2. Test fees must be paid upon registration/scheduling of appointment, are non-refundable, and subject to change.
  3. Government-issued photo ID with signature (driver’s license, passport, state ID) that is current and valid is required for all tests. Some tests require additional forms of identification.
  4. Test taker will be constantly monitored during their tests.
  5. Drinks, food or chewing gum is not allowed in testing rooms.
  6. Cell phones, alarm watches, pagers, and weapons of any kind are not permitted in the Testing Center and should be left at home. We will not provide security for personal items.
  7. Any jewelry, clothing items allowed to be worn in the Testing Center must remain on your person at all times.
  8. No caps or hats with brims are permitted in testing rooms.
  9. Calculators, dictionaries etc. are not provided by the Testing Center if allowed on your test. These items are your responsibility.
  10. Personal laptops, E-Books, e-readers, or other electronic devices containing notes or textbooks are not allowed without written permission from your instructor.
  11. No children are permitted in testing rooms and will not be allowed to remain in the Testing Center while your tests are being administered.
  12. The Testing Center must be informed about any accommodations needed due to documented disabilities at the time registration and appointments are made.
  13. Test takers caught cheating will be reported to the appropriate department, program or testing company.
  14. Persons not taking a test are not permitted to wait in the Testing Center.
  15. Test takers must conduct themselves in a civil manner at all times when on the premises of the Testing Center. Exhibiting abusive behavior towards staff may result in your removal from the center.
  16. The Testing center voluntarily abides by the Professional Standards and Guidelines for Post-Secondary Test centers, as adopted by the National College Testing Association (NCTA), to the best of its ability.