Academic Skills Center Tutoring Services


Q.Can I request one-on-one tutoring?

A.All students are encouraged to participate in SI sessions or small group tutoring sessions because of the proven success rate.  However, if a student is behind in a class and feels it necessary to meet with a peer tutor in one-on-one sessions to get caught up, measures will be taken to assure one-on-one tutoring sessions are arranged.

Q.Can I request a particular tutor?

A. You may request a particular tutor when you complete a Tutor Request form, but you are not guaranteed to be assigned that tutor.  You will be assigned the best available tutor for the subject in which you are requesting a tutor. 

Q.For how many courses at one time can I receive tutoring?

A.You can request a tutor for up to four courses at one time; however, itis recommended that you concentrate first on one to two courses in which you feel that a tutor is most needed. 

Q. How many hours per week will I meet with my tutor?

A. Your tutor may schedule one to two hours per week, usually one hour two days a week. In order to receive more than two hours per week tutoring, your tutor will need to provide justification and request permission from the Tutor Coordinator.

Q.Will I be required to attend every scheduled tutoring session?

A.Your tutor will be committing to meeting with you on a regular schedule tutoring sessions which are most convenient to your available schedule and you will be required to attend every regularly scheduled tutoring session.

Q.What happens if I do not meet regularly with my assigned peer tutor?

A.  Ifyou do not show up for a tutoring session without notice, it is called a NO SHOW.  If you call to cancel a meeting, it is called a CALL CANCEL.  Because tutors are paid fortheir time whether you show up or not, once your tutor has reported two (2) NO SHOWS, or two (2) CALL CANCELS, or a combination of one (1) NO SHOW and one (1) CALL CANCEL, you risk having all future tutoring sessions cancelled. 

Q. What happens if I am not satisfied with my assigned tutor?

A. At the end of your first session, you will be given an opportunity to completea First Session Evaluationwhich will be turned into the Tutor Coordinator.  You may express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your tutor through this form.  You may also contact the Tutor Coordinator through email or telephone to explain any problems you may have with your tutor and to request another tutor be assigned.


Q.What is the difference between supplemental instruction and group peer tutoring?

A.Supplemental instruction may involve many students at one time from the same class.  The SI Leader facilitates a group learning environment.  Group peer tutoring usually consists of five or less students in a group, with the tutor able to give more individual attention to the students if necessary.

Q.What courses are best for supplemental instruction?

A.Supplemental instruction is used mostly with History, Science, Political Science, Computer Science, Psychology,Sociology and Nursing courses.

Q.How will I know if supplemental instructionis offered for my class?

A. The SI leader will make an announcement and hand out information within the first few days of class.

Q.Will I be required to complete a Tutor Request Form in order to attendSI sessions?

A.A Tutor Request Form is required to be on record for every studentreceiving any form of supplemental instruction or tutoring.  If youdo notcomplete a request form in the Academic Skills Center prior to attending a SI session, your SI leader will provide one for you to complete and turn in before you leave.

Q.Will I be required to attend every scheduled SI session?

A. You are not required to attend every scheduled SI session; however, you will reap the most rewards from the program if you make an effortto attend regularly.